Seasons Greetings: Resolution Games Debuts a Holiday-Themed Casual Game Mode for ‘Cook-Out’

Oculus Blog
November 24, 2020

Cook-Out has been delighting players with co-op and solo play in a mad-cap fairytale world since September, and now Resolution Games is back with a tasty update just in time for the holidays: a brand-new casual mode on the Oculus Quest and Rift Platforms.

During the holiday season, this new mode will offer a wealth of festive features:

  • New ingredients: Turkey, candy canes, mashed potatoes, and a gingerbread house
  • New characters: Santa as played by a polar bear, with reindeer donning tacky Christmas sweaters
  • New environment: Snow, decorations, and more
  • Surprises: You might find a new cleaver, cutting board, or fridge—or even a sandwich recipe or two

“We’re so excited to see that Cook-Out has attracted such a diverse player base. We’ve heard stories of families playing together and using the game as a way to connect virtually in a very interactive way,” says Gustav Stenmark, the game’s producer. “Many of those players have requested a more relaxing, casual mode to make it even more accessible to more players. And the timing is perfect for it to be launched with a holiday theme so people can come together in the Cook-Out kitchen, be creative, and cook up some of their holiday favorites.”

After the holidays, Santa may head back to the North Pole, but Cook-Out’s casual mode is here to stay.

Have a holly, jolly good time in Cook-Out on the Oculus Quest and Rift Platforms today.