SeptembVR to RemembVR: NextVR Brings LIVE Events and Curated Content to Oculus Quest

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August 29, 2019

Previously available on Gear VR, Oculus Go, and the Rift Platform, NextVR is a leader in live sports and music in VR, serving up sizzling content to a global audience both live and on demand. And today, we’re excited to share that it’s bringing you the action like never before with brand-new technology on Oculus Quest!

NextVR’s Quest release introduces PAVE—innovative new tech that allows for clearer visuals and sharper video rendering with improved motion performance. This opens the door for enhanced in-experience graphic overlays like stats and instant replays now and multi-user interactions like trivia in the future.

Today’s launch also includes a curated “Best on Quest” channel featuring new and enhanced experiences for sports fans and virtual concert-goers alike. And to top it all off, NextVR is kicking off SeptembVR to RemembVR—30 days of can’t-miss events, all LIVE in VR. Click here to check out the full lineup.

We sat down with NextVR CEO & Co-Founder David Cole to dig a little deeper.

Of the SeptembVR to RemembVR events, which are you most looking forward to and why?

David Cole: Actor Comedian Pete Davidson will be making his virtual reality debut in NextVR and Oculus Venues on Tuesday, September 10 from Gotham Comedy Club in NYC. Over the past year, we’ve been teleporting fans to the front row of Gotham Comedy, and our users love it. The comedians are each briefed that the show is being broadcast LIVE in VR, and they make sure to interact with virtual users. Pete is made for VR, and I can’t wait to see him have fun with the fans experiencing his show in NextVR.

What can you tell us about the curated content collections for Quest? Which is your favorite and why?

DC: NBA Finals Game Six Highlights with unique access to the Toronto Raptors locker room celebration—The title says it all here. It’s a really unique end to deciding championship game highlights... to join the victors for the locker room champagne tradition.

NHRA Drag Racing—This is incredible, and I think it’s my favorite experience for demonstrating our higher fidelity video rendering tech on Oculus Quest. It’s loud, bright, fast, and fun... and a perspective you will never get on TV or by attending a race (because it’s too dangerous).

The City of Rocks, Idaho Day to Night Timelapse—My all-time favorite VR relaxation experience. The landscapes and the sky shots are beautiful! It’s great to juxtapose with NHRA Drag Racing. The experiences are at opposite ends of the adrenaline scale.

What kind of work went into bringing NextVR from Rift to Oculus Quest?

DC: Oculus Quest is the first platform that we’re rolling out our new PAVE technology on, so it wasn’t a port at all but rather a ground-up native development—so a bunch of work went into it, but it was well worth it!

How have you gone about navigating the technical challenges of bringing the app from PC VR to a mobile chipset?

DC: We’re very experienced with developing for SnapDragon (we were on Gear VR at launch in 2014). The system level optimization on Quest is excellent, so it makes it possible for our implementation to take advantage of our highest fidelity video rendering capabilities.

Any future updates on the roadmap you can share?

DC: Oh boy—absolutely. PAVE has been designed with product iteration in mind, so look for rapid improvements in overall experience fidelity (sharpness, detail, motion smoothness) as we continue to advance our capture and transmission pipeline. Also, we’re going to be really taking PAVE’s interactive functionality out for a spin. Imagine multi-user trivia games during timeouts or interactive elements that break the fourth wall and move from captured video to manipulatable CG elements.

We’re excited to see what the future holds, David, and we’re thrilled to welcome NextVR to Quest today.

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