Shipping Update, E3 2013 Recap and Oculus 0.2.3 SDK Release
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July 3, 2013

Shipping Update

We’re back on track! All of the development kits that were held in US customs are now on their way to developers. We expedited some of the long-distance deliveries to try and get as many Rifts in developers’ hands for the 4th of July weekend. Have fun!

We’ve started shipping post-Kickstarter kits to Australia and New Zealand. With the distribution center coming online, we should have the entire region completely fulfilled in July. Sorry for the delay!

We also recently shipped another 1,000 dev kits throughout Europe, and we’ll have another 1,000 on their way to doorsteps soon. If your order status is “Processing”, you should receive an email notification just after the long weekend.

Thanks for bearing with us as we worked through all these issues. All in all, there are now over 17,000 Rifts out in the wild, and we’ll have shipped all dev kit pre-orders from 2012 by the end of the week!

E3 2013 Recap

E3 2013 was the first time we showed an HD VR (1080p) Rift prototype to the world. Even more exciting, it was the first E3 where Oculus developers were showcasing their own games and experiences on the show floor! Now that most of the coverage and awards are out, here’s a quick recap of highlights from the show.

“The next generation of gaming hardware was indeed present at E3 this year, but it wasn’t a console manufacturer that delivered it. Instead, it was Oculus VR.” – PC Gamer

“…I spent a few minutes walking around Epic’s Unreal 4 Elemental demo. It is just an example of the tech, but it felt more next-gen than most of the things Microsoft and Sony showed the world at their press events Monday.” – VentureBeat

Game Critics Awards – Best Hardware

The Game Critics Awards are the official awards of E3, decided by 30 of the top publications in the industry. This is an honor, and we’re humbled to have been selected.

A enormous thank you to Epic Games, helped us with the Unreal Engine 4 integration and the amazing Elemental VR demo for the show, all running 60 FPS in stereo 3D on our 1080p prototype hardware. We couldn’t have had such a jaw-dropping demo without their support. A special thank you to Nick W., Nick P., and Alan W. at Epic for truly going above and beyond to deliver the best-possible VR experience.

We’d also like to thank UX Ground again for letting us showcase the VR Cinema 3D demo, built using Unity with the official Oculus integration. Kicking back inside a virtual movie theater in HD VR may just be the future of mobile movie-going.

Finally, we’d like to the thank you. It’s been just over a year since John Carmack showcased the Oculus Rift at E3 2012. Virtual reality has come a long way in one year, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our Kickstarter backers and the amazing community of Rift developers around the world. Thank you again!

These awards really belong to the entire Oculus community — those of you who have shared our vision for the Rift and believed in VR’s potential for next-gen gaming. Congratulations!

Here are a few of the other great awards that the Rift came away with:

IGN – Coolest Tech
IGN Italia – Best Innovation
Machinima – Best Hardware
Game Informer – Best Tech
Flesh Eating Zipper – Best Peripheral
SBTV Games and Gadgets – Pick of E3
POP Brazil – Best Peripheral


EVE-VR, the space dogfighting demo built by the team at CCP, captured the hearts of everyone that experienced it, winning over 5 awards. From their small meeting room above the show floor, CCP stole the show and garnered incredible praise and accolades from attendees.

Here are just a couple of the awards that they took home from E3 2013:

IGN – Most Innovative Game
“…It’s a tech demo. But holy &^#$ what a tech demo it was. Space dogfighting with headtracking and immersion like you’ve never experienced. You look down and you can see your own body. But it’s not your body! WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!”

PC Gamer – Best Game of E3
“…the game made a staggering impression on me that’s become more vivid—not less—since I first tried it as I imagine all the possibilities, all the first experiments and games, coming to PC gamers in the very near future.”

Congratulations to the EVE-VR team on their success! We can’t wait to see what they do next.


We’d also like to congratulate all of the Rift developers that demoed at the IndieCade booth at E3: SoundSelf, The Recital, If a Tree Screams in the Forest, Irrational Exuberance, and Homework from Another World. It was awesome to see such excitement and exploration around virtual reality at the show. A special congratulations to the Sound Self team for winning Best Indie Game of E3 from Flesh Eating Zipper!

Palmer with Robin from the SoundSelf team celebrating ‘Best Indie Game’ nomination!

Oculus 0.2.3 SDK Release

We just released Oculus SDK v0.2.3 on the Oculus Developer Center. Highlights of the release include:

  • Added Linux support to the Oculus C++ SDK and OculusWorldDemo.
  • Added Oculus player profile, used to save/restore player settings including interpupillary distance, height, and lens cups.
  • Introduced Oculus Config Utility that allows players to easily configure their Oculus profile. The utility includes an IPD measurement framework.
  • Improved magnetometer algorithm to support a full sphere of orientations.

If you’re interested, you can read the full build notes for the release here.

Here’s to many great years of virtual reality at E3!

— Palmer and the Oculus team

P.S. Congratulations to our friends at Respawn Entertainment and the Titanfall team on winning a record 6 Game Critics Awards at E3! We can’t wait to play it.