Some Tips for Using Facebook Accounts on Oculus

Oculus Blog
November 3, 2020

The response to Oculus Quest 2 has been amazing—in fact, we saw over five times the number of pre-orders for Quest 2 compared to the original Quest. Since launch, most people have logged in without any trouble, but a small number experienced issues with their Facebook accounts. We’re following up with each person who let us know they’re experiencing a problem, and Oculus Support is ready to help.

We’ve also seen lots of questions from the community, so today we’re sharing some updated answers to help clear things up.

Will I run into problems logging in with Facebook?

Most likely, no—the overwhelming majority of users have experienced no issues logging into Oculus with a Facebook account.

If you already have a Facebook account, use it to log into Oculus.

If you don't have a Facebook account, create one in the Oculus app when you set up your headset. Use the name you normally go by (you can choose whether you display that name to others in VR). Please don’t create a second Facebook account or one with a random name, as you may run into issues—our Community Standards require people to use the name they go by in everyday life, to create a safer community.

If you run into an issue when trying to log into Facebook, this article in the Facebook Help Center covers common fixes. If that doesn’t solve your issue, reach out to Oculus Support.

If I break a rule on Facebook, will I lose access to my account and VR content?

In the vast majority of cases, no. We don’t want you to worry about losing access to the content you’ve paid for. We’re building a global community in VR, and we want as many people in VR as possible—including you.

If you experience an issue with your account, for example because you used the wrong name, please contact Oculus Support.

We disable accounts for repeated or particularly serious violations of our Community Standards. In some cases, a violation might be severe enough that we will disable your account after one occurrence, as in the case of posting child sexual exploitation. Read more here.

How can I avoid running into issues with my Facebook account?

You don’t need to:

  • Log into Facebook regularly

  • Add a ton of friends

  • Build out an extensive profile

You do need to:

  • Use the name your friends call you in everyday life (read more here about names on Facebook)

  • Avoid creating a second Facebook account—either using your name or another name

  • Follow Facebook’s Community Standards

If you run into any issues, please contact Oculus Support.

What happens to my Oculus content if I delete my Facebook account?

If you’ve merged your Oculus and Facebook accounts, and you choose to delete your Facebook account, that will also delete your Oculus content. This isn’t a new policy, and it’s consistent with how we handled Oculus accounts—if you deleted your Oculus account, it would also delete your Oculus content. (This continues to be true for people using devices before Quest 2 with an Oculus account.)

We make this clear in the Facebook account deletion process so people are aware—we don't want anyone to be caught by surprise. We also offer a 30-day window following account deletion when you can reactivate your account and restore all Oculus content.

Our approach is consistent with others in the industry, including Apple, Microsoft, PlayStation, and Nintendo.

See here for more information.

Is it possible to have a VR identity and keep my real name private?

Yes! You can still create or maintain a unique VR profile that’s separate from your Facebook identity. And if you don’t want people on Oculus to find you by your Facebook name, they won’t—just make your Facebook name visible to ‘Only Me’ in your Oculus settings.

Can I log into multiple headsets with the same Facebook account?

Yes, you can log into multiple headsets with the same Facebook account if you want—for example, if you own more than one headset. If you decide to play both headsets simultaneously under one Facebook account, however, you may experience some issues since simultaneous play isn’t supported. For example, it can disrupt the experience if there are two versions of “you” in a game at the same time, and some titles may act erratically. More importantly, it can cause safety and integrity risks if it seems like someone else—who is not you—is interacting with people on the platform.

Is there a way I can share content with my family or friends, say if I invite people over to play?

We’re working on it. Stay tuned for updates!

I don’t want to be on Facebook, but I’d like to continue using my Oculus headset. What are my options?

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can create one for the sole purpose of using it to log into your Oculus headset. When creating a Facebook account, please sign up with the name you use in everyday life and use your correct date of birth. If you run into difficulties logging into Oculus with your Facebook account, please follow the advice above or contact Oculus Support.

There’s nothing special you need to do with your Facebook account—for example, you don’t need to add a certain number of friends, post on Facebook, or log into the Facebook app or website regularly (you’re already logging into Oculus with Facebook)—in order to prevent running into issues. Please ensure you follow both Facebook’s Community Standards and Conduct in VR policy. It’s also a good idea to follow our tips on account security, including turning on two-factor authentication as an additional layer of protection.

Quest 2 requires a Facebook account. If you’re using a headset released before Quest 2, and created an Oculus account before October 11, 2020, you can continue using your Oculus account until January 1, 2023. If you choose not to merge your accounts at that time, you can continue using your device—we’re working on ways to let you keep using the content you purchased, but full functionality will require a Facebook account. That said, we expect that some games and apps may no longer work—this could be because they include features that require a Facebook account or because a developer has chosen to no longer support the app or game you purchased.

I have an issue with my Facebook or Oculus account. What should I do?

When you log into Facebook, if there’s an issue with your account, we’ll provide instructions on how to fix it.

If you’ve already logged into Oculus and there is an issue with your Facebook account, your headset will continue to work, so long as you don’t log out. However, please take steps to fix the issue with your account because you will only be able to use it in this state for a limited period of time.

Reach out to Oculus Support if you need more help.