‘Space Pirate Trainer DX’ Introduces Multiplayer Arena Mode Today on Oculus Quest

Oculus Blog
September 9, 2021

Hopefully you’ve put your time as a solo space pirate to good use because the moment has arrived to take your training to the next level with the debut of intense multiplayer mayhem in Space Pirate Trainer DX, out now exclusively on the Oculus Quest Platform!

Space Pirate Trainer DX adds three multiplayer modes to the game, including two versions of the hotly anticipated Arena mode. Face off against anyone around the world in Arena (online), or jump into the Arena with a friend both physically and virtually in Co-Located Arena Mode. Arena mode requires a 10m x 10m (32ft x 32ft) playspace, allowing you to take full advantage of the wireless room-scale capabilities of Quest like never before.

The third new multiplayer game mode is Versus. In Versus, you can go head-to-head with a friend online in a multiplayer version of the game you already know and love, with an added twist of upping the intensity for your opponent every time you shoot down a droid.

For more details on the new game modes and Space Pirate Trainer DX’s development, check out our Q and A with captain of I-Illusions, Dirk Van Welden. And don’t hesitate to check out Space Pirate Trainer DX on the Quest Platform for yourself. It’s available now as a free update if you already own the game on Quest, or is available for $24.99 USD as a new purchase.