Spellbound: ‘The Wizards – Enhanced Edition’ Adds New Level and Lore on Rift
Oculus Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
March 12, 2019

Since the game’s Early Access release in 2017, players of VR spellcasting fan favorite The Wizards have relished the ability to conjure the elements with their own hands. Today, things get a little more magical with Carbon Studio’s release of The Wizards – Enhanced Edition, now available on Rift!

The Enhanced Edition looks and runs better than ever before, with added glove customization and a complete UI redesign to increase the sense of immersion. An additional level—the game’s longest one yet, complete with expanded lore, new mechanics, and a never-before-seen map—extends the narrative campaign to over six hours of dynamic gameplay. And newly added language support in French, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish opens up the world of Meliora to even more players around the world.

Here’s an inventory of what’s new in today’s release:

  • New level!
  • New cutscenes that expand the story
  • Checkpoint system for added convenience
  • Alternative aim assist mode
  • Complete UI overhaul
  • Glove color customization
  • Performance improvements
  • New languages (French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish)

Priced at $24.99 USD, The Wizards – Enhanced Edition rolls out as a free update to those who already own the original release. Bullseye!

Check out the Discord channel for more information, or dive into the magical mayhem on Rift today.

— The Oculus Team