Spend Time Together: How to Take Advantage of Meta Quest’s Many Multiplayer Features

Oculus Blog
April 15, 2022

Virtual reality is a social medium. Ask anyone who blacksmiths on the side in A Township Tale, putts the night away in Walkabout Mini Golf, or gets together for tabletop night via Demeo—sometimes with friends who live on the other side of the world.

This is the cornerstone of our metaverse vision: VR is better when shared. And since Meta Quest launched, we’ve put a lot of work into making it easier to find your friends and play games together—or even just hang out.

Today we wanted to lead you through a multiplayer session from start to finish, from finding your friends through to planning your next hangout. Along the way, we’re also going to highlight a few multiplayer-centric features available to you on the Meta Quest Platform. Some have been with us for a while, others were added more recently. Read on for details!

Gather Your Party

Step one of any multiplayer session is…well, putting your headset on probably.

But after that—call it step 1.5—it’s figuring out whether your friends are online, and then getting into a game together. The People tab should be your first stop. Look for it in Meta Quest’s Universal Menu. The People tab is where you’ll find your friends list, whether you want to send a quick message or form a party and go exploring. It’s also one of the spots where you’ll find a list of players you Recently Met in-game, if you end up hitting it off with someone new. Here are a few of the features you should keep an eye out for:

A Unified Friends List: Facebook friends? VR friends? There’s no need to distinguish between them in a post-v35 world. Friends are friends. Head to the People tab, and you’ll now find a single list of everyone you can interact with on the Meta Quest Platform, no matter the source. Send a message, form a party, or pop in and join someone for some ad-hoc Beat Saber, whether it’s your Sunday brunch crew or someone you befriended after they helped you out in Zenith: The Last City. (That said, your VR friends still can’t see your Facebook profile or activity unless you separately add them as friends on Facebook.)

Recently Met: Speaking of “befriending the people you meet in Zenith,” in the recent v38 update we made it easier to find and send friend requests to players you recently paired up with online—not just in Zenith, but also in Beat Saber, Horizon Worlds, A Township Tale, and so forth. You’ll find the new Recently Met section in the People tab, in your Explore Feed, and in the Meta Quest Mobile App.

Invite to App: Forget planning. Live a little! Be spontaneous! The Invite to App feature enables you to whisk friends (new or old) into whatever you’re playing at a moment’s notice. If you’re in a supported VR app, just look for the Invite to App button in Meta Quest’s Quick Actions Menu. Select it, and you can send a pop-up invite notification to friends, people you recently played with, or in-game connections. If they accept, they’ll be added to your session—and then you can view and manage who you’re playing with from the Quick Actions Menu as well. You can even rejoin them if you somehow get separated!

Find Multiplayer Games

Okay, you’ve partied up. Now…what to play? For some groups, this isn’t even a question. They’re Zenith guildmates and that’s it, or they get together every Tuesday for Demeo.

But if you’ve exhausted your old favorites and want to try something new, we’ve got a list of much-loved multiplayer games to kick off your search, plus a regular rotation of multiplayer-centric bundles in the Store. We even added a few new bundles today, whether you want to work up a sweat with your friends, set up a more laid-back game night, or simply hang out and chat. And with the recent v38 update, we’ve also made it easier to figure out where you and your friends already overlap:

See Your Friends’ Games: Assuming you’re not a single-game type of group, a feature added in the v38 update should make your life a lot easier. When you’re in a party, your Library will now automatically highlight games that are owned by everyone in the party and that support multiplayer. No need to ask whether everyone owns After the Fallanymore, and no need to keep a color-coded spreadsheet of your friends’ purchases up-to-date.

In the Moment

Once you’re in-game, the hard part is over. Kick back and chat with friends—or keep your comms clear and only relay tactical info. However you play, we won’t judge. But there are still some core system-level tools you can use to manage your party and tweak your experience.

Manage Your Party: Are you the friend who links all your other friends together? The glue at the center of your gaming group while everyone else comes and goes? With v38, we made it easier for you to manage your party in-game. Just hit the home button while playing and you can view your current roster. You’ll even see players you recently met, making it easier to add them to your party and keep the fun going.

Manage Mic: Chatting with your friends or family during a multiplayer game is usually one part phone call, one part serious tactical discussions. The problem? Your team definitely cares about the zombies sneaking up behind them, but only your friends want to hear about your kid’s band recital last week. Luckily it’s easy to swap voice chat between your Party and the game. Just pull up the Universal Menu and look for the toggle to swap your microphone between Party Chat, App Chat, and Muted.

Next Session

Everyone had a good time? People want to do it again sometime? Perfect. If you’re not a planner, maybe you leave “sometime” up to chance. But if you want a bit more control over your next session, Invite Links can help you schedule your next VR get-together in advance, even outside of your headset:

Invite Link: To generate a custom Invite Link, navigate to the Menu in the Meta Quest mobile app on iOS or Android, select the Invite Link icon, and then follow the prompts to create a session for the (supported) VR game you’re planning to play. Then just send it to your friends on Messenger, post it on your Facebook Gaming stream, or print it on a shirt and walk around a convention with it. Anyone who has the Invite Link can join in the fun with you!

We’re constantly adding new features—multiplayer and otherwise—to the Meta Quest Platform, so keep checking back for news on our latest software updates!