Spy Games: ‘Defector’ Brings Over-the-Top Espionage to the Rift Platform July 11

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June 21, 2019

Step inside a larger-than-life spy caper full of intrigue, adventure, and danger at every turn. You’re an elite undercover operative, on an international mission to track down the missing components of an elusive doomsday device. Sound like a familiar film franchise? Even better—it’s over-the-top action and cinematic set pieces that you can experience up close and personal. This Summer’s biggest blockbuster is the latest VR game from Twisted Pixel Games. Defector will make all your espionage-fueled dreams come true for just $19.99 USD, and it’s coming to the Rift Platform on July 11!

While it contains branching gameplay so that the outcome of each mission is determined by your choices and actions, this single-player action-adventure is driven more by spectacle and story. And thanks to VR, you don’t just watch as the chaos unfolds—you’re an active participant in the mayhem that unfolds all around you.

“We have a big mix of action and spy set pieces, weapons, melee combat, and character interactions that are all designed from the ground-up for VR,” explains Game Director Dan Bullock. “There’s no way that a flat medium could convey the insanity of grabbing the wheel of a sports car and driving it out of a plane 30,000 feet in the sky. It’s both ridiculous and awesome—something we could never do in real life and an experience that VR makes exhilarating.”

Every level in Defector has optional objectives. Complete enough of them, and you’ll earn some really cool unlocks. Some even change the visuals of the game, like this throwback to an early VR title from Twisted Pixel you may remember...

Defector launches on July 11 at $19.99 USD. And like the popcorn flicks that inspired it, Defector doesn’t take itself too seriously. Just buckle up and enjoy the ride.

But first, stock up on ammo and pack your parachute. You’re gonna need it, agent.

— The Oculus Team

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