Supermarket Showdown: ‘Shooty Fruity’ Now Available on Oculus Rift

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Posted by Oculus VR
December 19, 2017

You know you’ve hit dream job status when a day at work involves defending your grocery store from an invasion of vicious, nasty fruit. Scan, shoot, and repeat on your quest to become Employee of the Month in Shooty Fruityavailable now on Rift!

We caught up with nDreams Communications Manager Dan Sheridan in the break room to get the juicy details about Shooty Fruity.

What was the inspiration behind Shooty Fruity? How did the project evolve over time?

Dan Sheridan: We do a ton of prototyping internally around how different mechanics and gameplay types work in VR. While researching for an entirely different game, we found there was fun to be had with role-playing while shooting guns. Once we started working on that, the ideas started to snowball, and we learned that the multitasking added more fun and, importantly, mechanic depth to the gameplay. Then came the fruit.

What can you tell us about the Explody Bear weapon and Golden Gun skins?

DS: We wanted to reward our valued community with an exclusive set of items if they pre-ordered or purchased the title on day one. The Explody Bear contains a sneaky stick of dynamite. Players light the fuse by tearing its head off and lobbing it at oncoming fruit—instant smoothie. It’s definitely more adorable than the average grenade.

For the magpies, Bond wannabes, and pretty much anyone else who wants to look badass, we added the Golden Gun skin pack.

How has the community responded to the game thus far?

DS: We’ve had a phenomenal response to the game since we announced back in August. Recently EGX 2017, the title was voted the 5th best game (out of 150). At various global shows, we’ve seen a constant stream of players lining up to shoot hordes of fruity fanatics, and we’ve also heard laughter and a few screams when the fruits attack!

The best reaction I’ve seen since demoing the game is when people keep coming back for more. It can get really competitive when you’re striving to be the best super megamart employee and get the highest score. We’ve added online leaderboards to the game, so you can compare juicing skills with your friends.

What’s your favorite part of the game?

DS: The first time you encounter a watermelon. It’s certainly a one in a melon (sorry) experience, and we guarantee you’ll never look at your local supermarket in the same way again!

What’s next for nDreams? Any exciting projects in the works?

DS: We’ve just completed an ambitious VR arcade title for a leading company and have undertaken a big social VR project with an entertainment giant. In addition, we continue to develop internal ideas. You know how the story goes—watch this space!

Thanks, Dan! We can’t wait to start juicing and look forward to what nDreams has in store for us next.

Don your apron, arm yourself to the teeth, and get ready for the onslaught of maniacal mutant fruit in Shooty Fruity today. In between shifts, join the staffroom banter with nDreams on Facebook and Twitter.

We’ll see you behind the register.

— The Oculus Team