Sweat Equity: ‘Supernatural’ Adds Profiles and Meditations, Plus Some Inspiring Community Stories

Oculus Blog
August 20, 2020

Supernatural offers immersive, energetic, and wildly fun workouts for your Oculus Quest, with a new workout every day.

Each workout transports you to stunning destinations from around the world while you move to choreographed rhythm maps set to major label music. Every step of the way, there’s a Coach providing instruction and rooting for you.

Since launching on April 23, Supernatural has released more than 125 workouts with over 275 rhythm-mapped songs and counting, introduced meditations, and today, launched a new feature that lets you share your membership at home with three free additional profiles.

Share Your Membership at Home

Now it’s possible to share your Supernatural membership with your household, thanks to Profiles! Every Supernatural membership now comes with four total profiles, at no additional cost*. Everyone gets their own personal workout history, calibration measurements, community profile, and more for a completely unique and personalized experience.

Meditate in Extraordinary Destinations

Take a moment to open up, breathe, and reconnect with standalone meditations. These 10-minute guided meditations take you to some of the most gorgeous places in the world. Let a Coach guide you through calming, inspiring visualizations, perfect if you’re looking to let go of some stress before starting your day, or enjoy a rest from your daily streak of workouts.

Enjoy a Growing Library of Workouts with Daily Releases

Want to conduct an orchestra while standing on a mountain top, travel back to an ’80s prom night, or simply get a good arm-day in? Supernatural releases a new workout every day, and their teams of choreographers, Coaches, and VR designers have been building workouts that will leave you smiling ear-to-ear while you sweat. Many of these ideas were inspired by community members. Join the community @GetSupernatural on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

A Growing Community, the Supernatural Family

Members have been finding each other in the Supernatural Companion App and online groups to connect with the Coaches, share progress, and motivate each other as they take on fitness journeys in Supernatural.

Here’s a look at some incredible stories from the community:

Bio: English teacher, historical costumer, and overall Star Wars nerd.

What are you most proud of since starting Supernatural?

“This girl. Mother of three, who never worked out two days strung together, powered through 60 consecutive days of Supernatural! Thanks to this fitness app, the coaches, and the daily workouts, I've discovered myself smiling through workouts, sweating more than I ever have, and pushing myself further than I thought possible! Coach Leanne not only encouraged me to stop using my puny dinosaur arms but somehow managed to share a part of herself each workout. Coach Raneir reminded me that not only am I proud to fight like a girl, but it’s because of the strength of showing up each day that we run the ‘whole damn world.’ And Coach Doc drove me to work harder, be smarter, and push through the pain of change to find my inner-strength.

“I’m now three months into this fitness journey, and speaking as someone who has never been athletic in any sense, Supernatural has been a game-changer for me. Not only do I feel better, but I know this is something I can commit to doing because I will never tire of the amazing music, the varying levels of intensity, and above all, the inspiring coaches speaking directly to ME.”

Favorite workout: Glutacious from July 25, 2020

“This one was my toughest workout and I was actually about to give up. But just as if Coach Leanne could hear me, she encouraged me to keep going strong. So there I was, making all kinds of crazy vocalizations to just get to... the... end, and then once I did... I just broke down. I was in tears and I didn’t even know why I was crying. It was then that Leanne said gently, ‘You know, there’s not many people who would choose to put themselves through that,’ and she was right. I was just so overcome with emotion during that moment due to the fact that a workout could bring me to my own mental wall and get me to a place where I would choose to break it down.”

Bio: Writer, conversation designer, once and future theater artist, hiker, cocktail fancier, wearer of fanny packs, dog lover, recently indoctrinated Horse Girl.

What are you most proud of since starting Supernatural?

“I've been a very active person for my whole life, and a super hard worker. And for the first decade of my career I worked hard to make sure I had everything under control: I was talented, I had the best education and training, I could run up mountains and lift heavy things, I was pursuing my passions and living the dream, I bought a home, I met my husband. I was killin’ it!

“But then everything went off the rails. My mother and my childhood friend died within a month of one another. Grief knocked me sideways and the emotional pain impacted my body in ways I wasn't prepared for. On my dead mom's birthday I herniated a disc in my spine, and couldn't walk or even sit for months. And throughout all of this, I struggled with years of infertility and miscarriages. My body and my heart were broken. With patience and kindness and gentle loving care, I began to bring myself back to health, and was finally in a place where I was ready to take back some control and rebuild my strength... and then the pandemic hit.

“But lucky for me, my husband had ordered me an Oculus Quest for Christmas that arrived mid-March, and Supernatural has been such a game-changer for me. My first workouts were the first time in YEARS that I had been sweating, panting, and SMILING. Because I am able to do it in my own home, on my own terms, working with my own strengths and limitations, I am able to push myself further than I have since before my injury. I can't control the world, but Supernatural has created a joyous environment in which I can control how I treat myself and take care of my body. I am finally feeling strong, and like my body is a safe, wonderful place to be. And I'm prouder of that fact than of anything else I've ever done.”

Favorite workout: Pop Till You Drop from May 25, 2020

“While it's impossible to pick just one favorite, there is a workout that holds a special place in my heart. I chose to do the May 25th Pop Till You Drop workout with Leanne because I knew the songs would get me dancing around and smiling, but had no idea what locations would be featured. So imagine my absolute delight when, during the first track, during a global pandemic, I suddenly found myself in my absolute favorite place on the other side of the world: on a snowy mountaintop in Glen Coe, Scotland. I gasped, threw my hands in the air, and gleefully shouted ‘OH MY GOD I'M IN GLEN COE!’ to my husband. I was alternately laughing and weepy throughout the workout. It was truly a magic moment.”

Bio: I'm a software engineer who works in quality assurance in my 30s; I spend most of my time on a computer during the day and even more later since I play a bunch of video games. I love music—I've been playing the violin since high school.

What are you most proud of since starting Supernatural?

“I've never been able to commit to doing exercise for too long, I've tried swimming, running, weightlifting, and always quit after a while. I discovered Supernatural and must say that it has managed to keep me interested and motivated to do exercise daily. The fact that it combines things that I love—rhythm games and good music—really has helped a lot.

“My fitness goals started when I met the love of my life. I decided that I want to look better for her, I want to feel better around her, and overall, I want to look my best for when I propose and for when we marry. I started using Supernatural almost on a daily basis since launch and have managed to get all sweaty and into it every day. The way the coaches speak motivates me to push harder, and they have amazing personalities!

“And now I've finally proposed! We are both very happy and excited about a new journey—just that this time, it's together.”

Favorite workout: Sweat Symphony from August 17, 2020

“This is my favorite workout without a doubt and by far! I love the fact that the Supernatural team is exploring different music genres and decided to go for classical music! I loved the selection of music and the choreography. I really want to see more classical music workouts in the future. Vivaldi, Tschakovsky, Bach!

“I also like sets with good classics like Queen, ‘Take On Me’ by A-ha, ’90s punk rock, new hits, etc.

“The destinations are also amazing, I even like the sci-fi locations and would like to see more of both real and fantasy environments to work out in.”

Ready to take on a fitness journey and have a blast while getting your daily workout in? Get started with a 30-day free trial to a monthly or annual plan, and get a free silicone liner to protect your Quest from sweat**. Download the Supernatural Companion App for your smartphone (iOS & Android) to get started today.

*Profiles available on a single shared Oculus Quest Headset. Access on multiple headsets is not supported.

**Supernatural is a subscription service that offers new workouts published daily. Available in the United States and Canada only. $0 for first 30 days, $19/month or $179/year thereafter. Membership automatically begins and renews after free trial ends. Cancel at any time. Terms apply. Go to getsupernatural.com for more details.