Synchronized Slashing: Beat Saber’s Multiplayer Mode Releases Today on Quest and Rift

Oculus Blog
October 13, 2020

Most things are better with friends. Now Beat Saber is one of them. Over the past two years, Beat Saber fans have sliced through more blocks than anyone can count. Today, it’s easier than ever to do so with others, thanks to the long-awaited launch of Beat Saber’s multiplayer mode. Gather some friends! Up to five of you can jump into a song together, whether to compete for the top spot or just for fun.

It’s the start of Beat Saber’s next chapter, but it’s only the start. Beat Saber now has multiplayer, yes, but it’s a foundation for developer Beat Games to build on. The community’s voice has been a vital part of the Beat Saber story from the start, and that doesn’t stop now. There’s more music on the way, of course—look forward to the BTS Music Pack coming soon—and we’re just as eager as you are to see what’s added next!

We sat down with Beat Games Marketing Lead Michaela Dvořáková for a window into the development of Beat Saber’s multiplayer mode, an idea of what’s coming next, and her thoughts on Beat Saber two years after release.

What made this the right time for multiplayer in Beat Saber?

Michaela Dvořáková: Beat Saber has a huge community. It’s a game that connects people, and from the beginning we knew we wanted to make the experience even more social and let players compete with each other on a whole new level. Multiplayer has been on the team's mind for a really long time, but there was always something else we needed to finish first, like bringing Beat Saber to Quest, adding a level editor, and so on. This year, we could finally focus entirely on adding multiplayer and make it a fun and fresh addition to the game. After all these months of development, I cannot wait to join our community in multiplayer and compete side-by-side.

What challenges did you face adding multiplayer?

MD: No surprise, the biggest challenge for our team was to design and code the brand new multiplayer environment. Ján Ilavský, our lead developer and game designer, spent months just focusing on designing the environment—which looks absolutely stunning, by the way. This is just the beginning for us, though. We’re releasing multiplayer today, our biggest update so far, but our developers already know what they want to add next, and we’ll keep expanding and improving Beat Saber’s multiplayer over time.

We're looking into cross-play support for instance, as well as supporting 360° maps and maybe a 90Hz refresh rate. There are a lot of features we know are important to our players, and we’re constantly exploring what we can add. Our fans who have been with us for a while know that we really value and appreciate our community’s feedback, and Beat Saber wouldn’t be the game it is today without their support.

Any fun multiplayer stories or mishaps happen during development and testing?

MD: There were a lot of funny moments early on in testing! Sometimes when people from our team joined the lobby so we could playtest together, for instance, a few of the avatars would misbehave. Their hands would travel really far away from the body or their heads would randomly start rotating like an endless owl. It was hilarious to watch! We were laughing all the time.

What’s your favorite song to play with friends?

MD: Obviously I have several favorites that I play over and over again, but honestly what makes Beat Saber multiplayer even more fun is when your friends help choose songs. The entire Beat Saber soundtrack (and any DLC you’ve purchased) is available in multiplayer, and I love getting everyone into an Oculus Party so that other people can jump in and suggest their favorites. And you know, it’s easy to beat all of them in a song you are really good at—but what if you’re playing your friend’s favorite song? That’s a true test of your skills.

Did you expect to still be working on Beat Saber more than two years post-release?

MD: Absolutely! Everyone on our team thought Beat Saber had huge potential from the start. When it emerged from Early Access in May 2019, our lead developers Ján Ilavský and Vladimír Hrinčár knew for sure that the game was still nowhere near finished. And we still feel that way! We know Beat Saber can offer so much more—not only new game features, but so many artists and music genres we want to see added to the game in the future.

Beat Saber is a game we love both working on and playing, and we want to keep improving it so there is always something new to discover.

What’s next for Beat Saber? Any exciting updates in the works?

MD: All I can say is there are so many more exciting in-game features and so much new music coming next year. Stay tuned!

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

MD: We’re so grateful for our incredible community—for everyone who has been with us since Beat Saber released in 2018, and for all the new players jumping into VR with a new Quest 2 today. We love their energy, talent, and excitement about the future of VR and where it might go from here. Every time we hear a story about how Beat Saber helped someone around the world discover a new take on fitness, make new friends, reconnect with their family, or even just have a better day, it feels great.

Challenge your friends and slash to the rhythm in Beat Saber multiplayer on the Quest and Rift Platforms today.