‘Synth Riders’ Adds Synthwave Essentials 2 Music Pack, Featuring Muse

Oculus Blog
January 14, 2021

Synth Riders is back with the Synthwave Essentials 2 Music Pack headlined by Muse with tracks from Simulation Theory sitting alongside synthwave classics. This brand new collection is now available on Oculus Quest and Steam featuring three free songs, five paid DLC songs, and a unique visual experience for “Algorithm” by Muse.

More than just a stage, the experience for “Algorithm” by Muse delivers artistically-driven, immersive visuals that blend sight, sound, and movement together for a transformative VR experience.

The paid DLC bundle consists of five songs:

  • “Algorithm” (Alternate Reality Version) - Muse
  • “The Dark Side” - Muse
  • “Days of Thunder” - The Midnight
  • “Tech Noir” (Carpenter Brut Remix) - Gunship
  • “Running In the Night” - FM-84 & Ollie Wride

Three more songs are rolling out for free:

  • “Abyss” (Gancher & Ruin Remix) - 3FORCE (feat. Scandroid)
  • “Empire of Steel” (MASKED Remix) - Essenger (feat. Scandroid)
  • “Automatic Call” - NINA

With the addition of “Synthwave Essentials 2,” the Synth Riders music library now features 67 songs (52 free and 15 paid), with a possibility to extend the collection thanks to official custom song support.

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