The Best VR Experience at the Most Affordable Price: Rift Bundle Now $399

Oculus Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
October 11, 2017

Summer of Rift had a major impact on the VR industry, and the community’s response showed that the appetite for best-in-class VR hardware and games is stronger than ever. We want to continue getting VR into more people’s hands, so we’re permanently lowering the price of Rift to $399 USD.

Each Rift bundle comes with Touch controllers, sensors, and six free apps that give you hours of entertainment including Epic’s arcade shooter, Robo Recall, and our creative tools, Medium and Quill.

This new permanent price opens up PC VR to the widest audience yet. And more people in VR means more people to play, connect, and share with, whether you’re diving into groundbreaking new first-person shooters like ARKTIKA.1 or exploring the depths of space in the award-winning Echo franchise.

Rift is here to stay with years of amazing content on the horizon. We can’t wait for you see what else we have in store, from innovative new software features to compelling content and blockbuster IPs.

Step into Rift—now at an unbeatable price.

— The Oculus Team