‘The Slow Mo Guys VR’ Brings Scientific Showmanship to Oculus TV on Quest

Oculus Blog
March 27, 2020

With over 13M YouTube subscribers, The Slow Mo Guys know a thing or two about entertaining an audience. And today, they’re bringing their unique brand of British humor and scientific curiosity to Oculus TV on Oculus Quest!

The eight-part series was produced using specialist stereoscopic high-speed cameras and ambisonic audio recording techniques, so you can experience the action from inside the experiment. Here’s a look at what’s in store:

Anti-Fire Grenades
Betwixt the wood lies a fiery agent of destruction. You’ve heard of fighting fire with fire. Well, take a peek at The Slow Mo Guys’ most modern method to date: fighting fire with a grenade. Safety first!

Inside a Dome of Sparks
Under the cover of night, Gavin and Dan explore the beauty of the cosmos for a VR experience unlike any other. You could fool yourself into believing that this is some distant, twisting galaxy...

Katana Slicing
Revisiting the razor-sharp capabilities of the samurai sword, Gavin and Dan take another swing at those pesky water-filled bottles and gleefully show us the colorful results.

Fire Breathing
There’s a reason fire breathing is an art form, and not a sport. But Gavin and Dan have discovered the key to making it fun, competitive, and—just like all great sports—they’ve raised the stakes. In a flame-engulfing VR experience like nothing else you’ve witnessed, “The Slow Mo Guys Go Fire Breathing” is an unmissable episode.

Jelly Tennis Splats
Why buy tickets to Wimbledon when you can experience the thrill of the perfect serve with The Slow Mo Guys’ very own Jelly Tennis Tournament? It’s the same spectacle, better tasting, and stranger in sound.

Rubber Bands VS Watermelons
Ever wondered how many rubber bands it takes to cut a watermelon in half? Gavin and Dan have got you—and their lab coats—covered. You can’t quite catch the scent of summer fruits, but this VR experience will trick you into trying to dodge the splatter.

Rainbow Paint Bathtub Splash
Splashing around in a bathtub isn’t only for kids and rubber ducks. Witness Gavin and Dan’s return to recreate the legendary Inception scene with a wet, messy, and colorful twist.

Powder Paint Airbag Explosions
Please keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle while we remotely detonate these airbags. Gavin and Dan discover what happens when you mix Holi powder, airbags, and a determination to turn destruction into decoration.

We sat down with The Slow Mo Guys Creator and Co-Host Gavin Free to learn more.

What motivated you to bring The Slow Mo Guys into VR?

Gavin Free: For a long time, audiences have been watching our experiments and stunts from their side of the screen. VR gives them the chance to finally be part of the action. A 3D slow-motion experience is indescribably unique, and VR is really the perfect way to share that.

How long were the VR episodes in production? Any fun anecdotes to share?

GF: We started pre-production and testing back in November 2019—so a while. Producing 180° stereoscopic slow-motion footage is a complex and complicated task. Filming at 1,000 frames a second per eye produces terabytes of data.

Learning the challenges of the K1 Pro and trying to hide crew members and equipment was a unique experience. Using a camera that can see behind itself is quite a task, especially when it can see its own feet.

Did you encounter any technical challenges? If so, how did you overcome those obstacles?

GF: When you’re filming thousands of frames per second on two different cameras—at the same time—it’s important that the exposure of both cameras occurs at the same time, down to the microsecond. To do this, you need a load of cables and funny boxes—and a lot of patience.

What’s your favorite of the VR episodes and why?

GF: When talking about creating a unique experience, the wire wool episode (Inside a Dome of Sparks) really shows how true that is. Because it’s been filmed at night time and you can’t see the edges of the frame, you almost feel like you’re in space.

What kind of response have you seen while demoing the experience?

GF: Lots of oohs and aahs and possibly the only time I’ve seen someone laugh while in headset that’s not playing a video game.

If people take one thing away from these episodes, what do you hope it would be and why?

GF: That everything looks better in 3D slow mo.

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

GF: It’s very hard describing what this experience is like, watching slow mo in VR. I just want people to give it a try and see.

Slow down the clock and check out The Slow Mo Guys VR in Oculus TV on Quest.