‘The Under Presents’ Adds New Features and Launches on the Rift Platform

Oculus Blog
December 19, 2019

Called “a novel exploration of VR and live immersive theatre” by Forbes, The Under Presents submerges players in an absurdist fever dream complete with ritual magic, crab-like creatures, and the unruly nature of time itself. It’s been delighting people since its preview at Sundance and its release on Oculus Quest in November 2019. Today, it adds even more to its repertoire and expands its presence to the Rift Platform!

Today’s update includes custom masks to upgrade your look, new areas to explore, and more puzzles to wrap your mind around. Some novel encounters with live actors also await—along with some crustacean surprises.

While fans of indie developer Tender Claws and its earlier VR outing, Virtual Virtual Reality, have likely dipped their toes into The Under..., we wanted to share some useful tips and tricks to help new players get their feet wet.

Playing with the Past

During the introduction, you’ll get to know the game’s controls and meet the mysterious MC who runs the show at The Under—where things aren’t always what they seem. Hint: You must learn to work with past versions of yourself to progress.

Control Guide

  • Scrunch (teleport): Look in the direction you want to teleport. In one hand, hold down the top button (Y or B) while bringing your hand horizontally toward your body. The world should fold in around you like an accordion, then unfold to move you in the direction of your gaze.
  • Grab (pick-up): Use the grip buttons on the side of your controller to manipulate objects.
  • Snap (clap): Squeeze the trigger to show appreciation for an act or other players.

You can grab and remove your mask by holding your palm up to your face and using the grip button on the side of the controller, then pulling your hand back down. Once it’s off, try experimenting to see what you can conjure up.

Step inside the magical world of The Under Presents on Oculus Quest and the Rift Platform today.