Introducing the Oculus Touch Launch Lineup: Over 50 New Rift Titles Coming December 6

Oculus Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
November 30, 2016

We’re excited to announce 54* made-for-VR titles that bring the magic of hand presence to life—coming to Touch on day one. We’re constantly amazed by the work from the VR developer community, and this stellar lineup shows how far the medium has come and where we’re headed next!

Check out the full list of Touch titles available December 6:

This is just the beginning. Even more amazing titles designed for Touch will hit the Oculus Store in 2017, like Robo Recall, Lone Echo, Arktika.1, and Other Ocean’s Giant Cop: Justice Above All.

As a reminder, both The Unspoken and VR Sports Challenge are bundled for free with all Touch pre-orders, so be sure to lock in your purchase before December 6!

Announcing the Official Toybox Release
We’re also thrilled to share that Toybox, our fan-favorite demo experience, will be available on the Oculus Store for free at Touch launch! Toybox is one of the best ways to showcase the power of social interaction in VR. Light fireworks, play ping pong in zero gravity, and interact with a variety of gadgets and games with a friend—wherever they are.

From white-knuckle experiences like The Climb and Dead and Buried to fun physics games like Fantastic Contraption, Touch has something for everyone.

All 54 launch titles will be available on the Oculus Store December 6. We can’t wait for you to experience Touch.

— The Oculus Team

*Update: We’ve added Virtual Desktop to our lineup of Touch titles available at launch.