‘Traffic Jams’ Brings Traffic Chaos to VR in September

Oculus Blog
Posted by TamTu Bui, Community Manager at Vertigo Games
June 18, 2020

Hey everyone! I’m TamTu, community manager at Vertigo Games, and today I have some exciting news to share with VR fans.

We’ve witnessed how you survived the desert in Arizona Sunshine, conquered in Skyworld, and puzzled your way across realities in A Fisherman’s Tale. Now we invite you to bring rhythm to traffic chaos in Traffic Jams, a cheeky take on traffic control in VR developed by our talented friends at Little Chicken Game Company!

Traffic Jams is coming to the Oculus Rift Platform and Oculus Quest! Here’s what you can expect in September this year.

In the world of Traffic Jams, all traffic lights have gone out and you are the only one who can keep traffic flowing in the face of outrageous events and flagrant road rage. You start off in the quiet town of Gouda, but as you progress, traffic control job offers soon start pouring in from iconic cities around the globe.

Rude pedestrians, impatient drivers, and the occasional meteorite will be yours to control before road rage strikes. Yes, you read that right; meteorites! But those aren’t the only hazards—this chaotic VR game is full of monsters, (un)natural disasters, and something called... ‘cheese bowling’?

If you’re up for the task, how about spicing this up some more with some friends? We’re proud to reveal that Traffic Jams will include a couch party mode that will let you share the fun of VR with up to four friends (read: frenemies), locally, on mobile devices! Have a look at the multiplayer trailer featuring none other than VR veterans Cas & Chary.

Dennis is your greatest frenemy, your rival, but most importantly, for better or for worse, your teacher. Hailing from Jam City, the self-proclaimed “best traffic controller... EVER” takes you under his wing. His experience comes from the many flash mobs and packed intersections that his hometown is known for. Armed with dreams of superstardom, a sassy attitude, and fresh dance moves, he has taken it upon himself to teach YOU the ropes of traffic controlling.

If you give him a chance, (and the occasional dance), he’ll take you on a jam-packed global adventure to become the Ultimate Traffic Showman.

We’ve got more Traffic Jams content for you, so head on over to Cas & Chary’s YouTube channel now for a gameplay reveal of the game’s introductory location, the sleepy Dutch town of Gouda.

This is only the first glimpse of the cities you’ll be handling in Traffic Jams, as there will be many different challenges, each with their own crazy events to face on this worldwide trip!

We hope to see you out on the crossroads alongside Dennis this September! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date on all things Traffic Jams.