Train Like a Pro Athlete: ‘Rezzil Player 22’ Launches on the Quest Platform Today

Oculus Blog
August 10, 2021

For years, Rezzil has helped some of the world’s top sports athletes—including multiple English Premier League teams, F1 stars, and World Heavyweight Champions—improve their awareness, reaction times, and other fundamentals. Now it’s easier than ever for you to train like a professional at home, with Rezzil Player 22 making its debut on the Quest Platform today. Hone your skills and fine-tune your soccer heading technique, master basketball with a unique rhythm game, and more as you explore Rezzil’s growing library of athlete-driven training drills.

We sat down with Rezzil’s Co-Founder and Sports Director Andy Etches to discuss the outcome of the recent Euros tournament, how Rezzil has helped train athletes around the world, and branching out from football (most of the world) to football (American).

First off, I know you're based in the UK. Condolences on the Euros outcome. A nail-biter of an ending!

Yeah that was a harsh finish, but we don’t feel too down about it. There’s a lot to be happy about. We have one of the best English sides ever, a team full of talented and good people. They are so fun to watch and Gareth is an inspiring figurehead for the whole nation, let alone the team! We’re quietly optimistic about our chances in Qatar and will support the team in any way we can.

How would you explain Rezzil to someone who’s hearing about it for the first time?

Wow, that’s a hard one! Imagine being given the same opportunities and training as the best players in the world. What could you become?

Rezzil lets you learn the same way as the world’s best, and even challenges you against them. You can walk into the world’s most famous arenas and see how you stack up against real players. Player 22 is an ever-expanding folio of training and crossover games—what we have in store for the next few years will surprise a lot of people.

Rezzil’s focus was soccer (or football if you prefer) for a long time, right? But are you starting to branch out to other sports with Rezzil Player 22?

We’ve been established in soccer for nearly five years now, working with some of the best players and teams in the world. But we’ve been quietly working away in the background with athletes at the top of their game in other sports. There’s an ever-growing list of sportspeople in the NBA, F1, rugby, college football, Olympic track cycling and esports, amongst others.

The esports area is a really interesting new space for us. We’re helping gamers train and prepare the same way as our traditional athletes—building the characteristics to process huge amounts of information under pressure, when players are tired, stressed, and need to make winning choices. Rezzil has that ability to build that resilience in its players.

What else have you changed with Rezzil Player 22?

Player 22 really is for everyone, not just our elite athletes. A player just starting out can benefit from coaching tips that are used at the top of the game, or someone beginning a fitness journey can work out in a challenging and stimulating way that rewards them with new skills—not just a stronger core.

We’ve also made the most of our gaming pedigree and brought some classic arcade-style challenges to Player 22 so you can have fun in between sessions! There is a bit of something for every family member in Player 22.

What made this the right time to bring Rezzil to the Quest Platform? And were there any challenges in doing so?

The Quest 2 is such an exciting platform, developing for it was the easiest decision we ever made! We already know that we can make a difference using VR for elite athletes. Knowing Quest owners like to challenge themselves physically in addition to playing, we saw the opportunity to bring Rezzil to everyone.

The biggest challenge was adapting to just using the upper body. We have employed some clever tricks to ensure that players still get the full experience.

What’s your favorite drill in Rezzil Player 22?

Hoops Vision! It’s so much fun and a real workout. The next time I played basketball in real life after Hoops Vision, I felt like everyone was playing in slow motion! I saw every pass—which is exactly what it’s built to train. It was so satisfying! I’ve started wearing wrist weights now while playing, and I can really feel the burn.

What’s next for you? Any exciting updates in the works?

We plan to deliver a host of new sports, starting with American Football. There are also team partnerships and games every month. There will be a good mixture of free and paid content so it’s always the player’s choice to expand. Watch this space!

Anything else you’d like to share?

Keep an eye on our leaderboards—you never know who will show up in there!

If you’re ready to bring the arena to your living room, pick up Rezzil Player 22 on the Quest Platform today for $14.99 USD.