Travel to Shangri-La with ‘Walkabout Mini Golf’

Oculus Blog
December 16, 2021

Since launching in September, Walkabout Mini Golf has earned a nearly perfect five-star rating with over 4,500 reviews. And today, developer Mighty Coconut launched the game’s 10th course: Shangri-La, the second paid DLC in its Lost Cities series. The game also debuted its own customizable avatars, which are free for all players.

Featuring easy and hard mode course designs as well as Walkabout Mini Golf’s signature lost ball searches and “fox hunts,” Shangri-La is based on the mystical, harmonious valley described in ancient Tibetan scriptures. Players can putt along the misty mountaintops in a combination of dizzying heights and calming monastic architecture that will leave you feeling both zen and zealous to play more.

Whether you’re new to VR and looking for a relaxing escape or a seasoned VR veteran with a competitive streak, Walkabout Mini Golf has you covered with realistic physics, breathtaking views, and unique courses. Whether flying solo or playing in private games of up to six players, you can travel from deserted islands and the Wild West to gothic castles and outer space—not to mention the Gardens of Babylon and Shangri-La in the Lost Cities DLC series.

Word has it that Mighty Coconut has another surprise in store before the Christmas holiday—something to make sharing Walkabout Mini Golf with your friends even easier. Stay tuned...

Walkabout Mini Golf is available on the Quest and Rift Platforms.