Tune into the Future: Imogen Heap Debuts Concert in ‘TheWaveVR’ on Rift

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Posted by Oculus VR
August 30, 2018

Since its launch last June, TheWaveVR has pushed the boundaries of musical performance through immersive concerts on Rift. A variety of artists have taken to the medium, including TOKiMONSTA, Ash Koosha, and, more recently, electronic powerhouse The Glitch Mob with the release of See Without Eyes. Today, we’re excited to announce that Grammy Award-winning artist and music technology innovator Imogen Heap will host the one-of-a-kind holographic concert Imogen Heap tomorrow, August 31 at 7:00 pm BST / 11:00 am PT, with a second show at 7:00 pm PT!

Imogen Heap takes audiences on a spellbinding trip of sight and sound—not unlike some of Heap’s past work—but this specific debut promises an altogether fresh experience. It’s completely immersive and decidedly social. Thanks to TheWaveVR platform, it’s closer to a real-world show, complete with a live audience of virtual avatars. It’s also a more intimate affair, taking place inside Heap’s childhood home, where fans and spectators can mingle freely and explore. What’s more, Imogen Heap marks the first time a volumetrically captured artist will perform in a social VR venue, giving attendees a rare opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with the artist, represented by a 3D hologram created by Depth Kit.

“From my first talks with TheWaveVR, which as it happened were in VR, I knew I wanted to get involved in this project,” says artist Imogen Heap. “With my three-year-old daughter’s future in mind, it excites me how, through virtual reality, we are already able to connect in a more human way, even when time and place would have it otherwise. Having my fans experience a musical performance from within the welcoming walls of my family home brings a whole new dimension to connecting and communicating for me.”

Recorded by TheWaveVR, Imogen Heap’s VR show includes multiple songs, including a previously unreleased Frou Frou track and an entirely new mix of “Hide and Seek” from the album Speak for Yourself. The event also features mi:mu gloves, used to create music through hand gestures, which Heap showcased in a popular TEDGlobal performance in 2012.

Ready to experience the future of music? Tune into Imogen Heap in TheWaveVR tomorrow, August 31 at 7:00 pm BST / 11:00 am PT, or check out the encore performance at 7:00 pm PT!

— The Oculus Team