Ubisoft Introduces Training Bots, Chivalry Mode, and More with ‘Space Junkies’ Episode 3, Available Now on Rift

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June 27, 2019

Described by Road to VR as “VR’s spiritual successor to Unreal Tournament,” Space Junkies takes Ubisoft’s knack for cutting-edge 6DOF comfort and mashes it up with big personality and even bigger guns. Yesterday, we announced a 62% price drop that runs through 11:59 pm PT on July 9, and today, we’re excited to share that Episode 3 is now live on the Rift Platform—bringing with it an additional map, new gameplay modes, and more!

Episode 3 introduces a new map, The Jail. This abandoned alien prison facility represents one of the game’s largest interior maps to date, with multiple levels and cover options.

By popular demand, Ubisoft has added a new 3v3 mode as well as Chivalry mode, which introduces a new mid- to long-range precision weapon—a sort of retrofuturistic bow and arrow.

“Chivalry was inspired by one of our Gameplay Programmers who likes to Cosplay and play with medieval swords,” explains Ubisoft Producer Adrian Lacey. “Players enjoyed close quarter combat in our spherical battlespaces, so we decided to take it a step further by adding the ‘Bowminator’ to increase skill level, encourage precision shooting, and add a tactical layer.”

You can choose to let off three arrows from your quiver or pull back on the bow longer to merge your shots into a single laser arrow for a more powerful punch. Chivalry mode also limits your equipment to ratchet up the challenge.

The Quantic Calamari family also gets an update the new Mental Mollusk character skin, so keep your third eye open.

Last, but not least, the team added training bots, which effectively deliver a single-player mode to this popular multiplayer game. Three degrees of difficulty offer something for newcomers to seasoned spacers, and depending on your skills, you’ll be able to earn bonus coins. You can also keep getting matchmaking invites while battling the training bots, so you can practice until your lobby is ready for you.

“New modes, bots and 3v3 is a great start to summer with a price drop to boot,” says Lacey. “Come all, come many into the ultimate jetpack-fueled joyride in microgravity!”

Watch for a 3v3 community tournament coming soon, where the best teams will compete for in-game coins to unlock new characters and skins.

Grab Space Junkies on the Rift Platform to save 62%, now through 11:59 pm PT on July 9!

— The Oculus Team

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