Customize Your Own Mech for Victory in ‘Ultimechs,’ Out Now for Meta Quest 2

Oculus Blog
September 15, 2022

Step into the arena and let the games begin with Ultimechs, a fast-paced competitive VR mech sport from Resolution Games releasing today on Meta Quest 2 for free. You’ll jack into virtual high-performance mechs as you compete in a futuristic sport focused on scoring goals with rocket-powered punches and jet-boosted robots.

The shiny metal sport of the future begins today and you’re invited to strap in and fight for victory in your very own customizable mech. You’ll enter the arena either solo in 1v1 competitions or with a partner in tense 2v2 battles for supremacy.

Ultimechs is a free-to-play future-sport VR game, and is the latest title in our catalog at Resolution Games,” said Paul Brady, president and co-founder of Resolution Games. “It all started a few years ago when we were doing an analysis of what game mechanisms could only be achieved in VR. We put that together with everything that makes sports great today and combined it with the inconceivable technology of tomorrow, and you have the pinnacle of engineered athletic achievement: Ultimechs.”

Since Ultimechs will be a free-to-play live service title, Resolution has big plans for supporting it in the long term with an evolving battle pass it calls the UltiPass. This will allow you to maximize the time you spend in-game by unlocking a variety of exciting rewards and customization features along both the free and premium (paid) versions each season.

“The game shares similarities with many of the world's most popular sports today, but as you dash through the arena towards the opposing goal, you'll be doing so with a pair of rocket-powered fists strapped to your mech, creating an experience that's quite unlike anything else," said Brady.

The first UltiPass will be available today with launch and will feature over 90 different personalization options to unlock with 50 different levels of rewards. Unlockables include different paint jobs, headgear pieces, glove accessories, poses, and much more. Out of those more than 90 pieces of content, 36 will be available for the free tier of the UltiPass for everyone to earn. And if you decide to upgrade to the premium UltiPass, you retain all progress and will retroactively unlock any premium items you missed previously.

The optional premium UltiPass will cost 950 UltiCoins. You can purchase Ulticoins in various bundles:

  • 500 UltiCoins for $4.99 USD
  • 1050 UltiCoins for $9.99 USD

Do you have what it takes to become an Ultimechs Champion? Find out right now if you can reach the pinnacle of engineered athleticism by downloading Ultimechs for free on Quest 2 and test your mettle in the cockpit.