Unleash Your Creativity Through VR Art, Paintings, and Sculptures

Oculus Blog
September 17, 2021

Experiencing the world of fine art can be a daunting task. Access can be difficult, particularly because people are busy or located in areas far away from museums, shows, or galleries. Fine art can also be intimidating, with much backstory to learn just to make sense of what you're seeing.

That changes with Oculus Quest and VR art.

VR art gives you the freedom to play around with colors, tools, and a near-infinite canvas. Drawing, painting, sketching, sculpting—no matter your preferred medium and skill level, Oculus Quest 2 has some great VR art apps to choose from.

Here are some of the best VR art apps and experiences that invite you to experience many of the world's most recognizable and impressive works of art—even if you're stuck at home.

Unlock Your Imagination with VR Painting Apps

Painting VR (App Lab only) is one of the latest VR painting games. While the options for 2D art tools seem endless, Painting VR offers a uniquely straightforward canvas-and-paint approach with finely-tuned brushstrokes and realistic color blending. Build your artistic skill with complete freedom—and forget having to clean up the mess afterward.

If you’ve painted in VR before, you may be familiar with Tilt Brush, an app that takes paintbrush strokes into the 3D space for incredible effects. Tilt Brush remains one of the most approachable experiences for painting in VR. Novices can select the beginner mode or learn from an active community of artists.

For a genuine street art experience in VR, Kingspray Graffiti adds stunningly realistic spray paint effects and vibrant color to any artist’s toolkit. Paint by yourself in a gritty city environment or collaborate with others to create a vibrant work of art together.

Interact with Your Art with VR Sculpting Apps

Try out powerful apps that propel your creations into 3D space. Apps like Gravity Sketch make creating 3D objects a straightforward process, letting you build on layers and design with different tools and materials. These 3D creations are easily shared and can even be exported in specific file formats for 3D printing.

Artistic apps like SculptrVR welcome multiplayer fun, letting you carve out entire worlds and works of art that you can interact with. Relax and entertain yourself with endlessly flexible materials and a massive virtual space that’s yours to carve and shape into whatever you can dream up.

Relaxing creation apps like Let’s Create! Pottery VRlet art fans experience all the stages of creating homemade ceramics. Shape your very own work of art on a realistic potter’s wheel, then burn and decorate your sculpture like a real artisan, choosing a variety of colors or using ready-made color palettes. Express yourself with this VR pottery app and create many unique ceramic collections grouped by styles, patterns, and levels of advancement.

Explore Fine Art Galleries in VR

Part of the joy of visiting a museum is exploring different works at your own pace. Some of our favorite apps replicate that experience, turning world-famous galleries into VR digital art.

Take a tour of over 60 works of art spanning history from the 1500s to the 1800s in VR Museum: Art Through Time. Find photorealistic replications of legendary paintings, sculptures, and more from artists like Canaletto, Thomas Cole, and John Constable. Walk around a gallery viewing paintings of landscapes and ruins, providing glimpses of the past with this VR art museum.

These are just some of the ways to enjoy VR art with Oculus. And if you’re looking for programs that let you create your own VR paintings, check out our extensive list of creative apps.

Check back often to read about the latest titles, or learn more about Kingspray Graffiti and Color Space.