Upload VR Showcase Recap: Everything Announced for the Oculus Quest and Rift Platforms

Oculus Blog
June 12, 2021

Earlier today, UploadVR aired the latest iteration of its annual showcase, and it was packed with over a dozen different VR game trailers and news. The majority of today’s announcements were either updates coming to games already available on the Oculus Quest and/or Rift Platforms or new titles coming soon to the ecosystem.

Now that the Showcase is over, we wanted to take a chance to recap everything shown in one easy-to-reference place so you don’t miss out on any upcoming content.

If you missed the show, you can check it out below or scroll through the reveals for a quick rundown, listed alphabetically.

A Township Tale (Quest + Rift)
Surprise! A Township Tale was the final announcement in the showcase, but we’re listing it first because of how the alphabet works. Today, developers at Alta Reality confirmed that not only is its new online-RPG-meets-medieval-life-simulation hybrid adventure game coming to Quest, but also that it’s debuting on July 15!

After the Fall (Quest + Rift)
We also got a peek at a bunch of new gameplay clips from Vertigo Games’ anticipated follow-up to Arizona Sunshine, After the Fall. The video segment focuses on co-op features and the game’s “Director” system. The Director system helps ensure no two playthroughs of a level are ever the same by adapting enemy spawns to always evolve your sessions. You can blast away the frozen hordes this summer on either Rift or Quest, and cross-play multiplayer will be enabled on both platforms.

Against (Rift)
From Joy Way, the creators of parkour freerunning game Stride, comes Against. In this wave-based rhythm action game, you’ll take on the darkened noir-style streets of a rundown city as you dodge, stab, and slash enemies to the beat of an intense soundtrack. You can wishlist Against on Steam right now for Rift in anticipation of its release later this year.

Blaston (Quest + Rift)
Resolution Games showed off two big updates for two of its recent VR games that are available now on both Quest and Steam with Rift support.

First up is the Crackdown update for Blaston, which adds a brand new cyberpunk-style environment and a full single-player campaign to the previously 1v1-focused gun dueling experience. You don’t have to wait long to check out the Crackdown update since it launches on all platforms on June 21.

Demeo (Quest + Rift)
Next up from Resolution Games is a big new campaign for Demeo (available now on Quest and Rift) called Realm of the Rat King. It’s an all-new adventure in this breakout hit that puts the dice in your hands for a tabletop adventure with friends. You won’t have to wait long for this one either, since Realm of the Rat King launches for Demeo on June 28.

I Expect You To Die 2 (Quest + Rift)
Schell Games showed off the first full-length trailer for I Expect You To Die 2, a highly anticipated sequel to the VR escape room classic. It certainly looks like we’ll be forced to defy increasingly dastardly and dangerous traps this time around, but at least we have the solace of a summer release window for both Quest and Rift—and voice acting by Wil Wheaton—to comfort us very soon.

In Da Hoop (Quest + Rift)
Everyone loves a good basketball shootout. Soon, In Da Hoop from RealCast will bring the thrill and excitement of swishing buckets to Quest and Rift for anyone to enjoy. Plus, this latest footage even shows off a look at hand tracking gameplay.

Green Hell VR (Quest + Rift)
The latest footage from Green Hell VR by Incuvo Games gives us a fresh look at the PC VR version of the game, but it will arrive on both the Quest and Rift Platforms at launch. In Green Hell VR, you’ll be tasked with doing whatever it takes to survive in the wilderness by collecting supplies, building shelter, and fighting off twisted creatures hellbent on ending your adventure prematurely.

Larcenauts (Quest + Rift)
Larcenauts, the latest VR shooter from Farpoint developers Impulse Gear, is almost here with its fast-approaching June 17 release date for both Quest and Rift. Impulse Gear whet our appetites with fresh gameplay footage and a detailed roadmap outlining post-launch support like new gameplay features and new content for the budding hero shooter.

Nerf Ultimate Championship (Quest)
If you’re reading this right now, there’s a pretty high chance you’ve been involved in at least one or 20 Nerf gun wars at some point in your life. Secret Location is partnering with the iconic toy brand to bring the thrill of combat against friends to VR for the first time next year on Quest with Nerf Ultimate Championship. The teaser doesn’t show any gameplay, but it has certainly piqued our interest all the same.

Pistol Whip (Quest + Rift)
Pistol Whip, from Cloudhead Games, is one of the most popular VR games out there and is about to get even better with the debut of the Styles System. This new format will let you remix the gameplay for your favorite tracks to make things even wilder and more intense. You can twist and alter all of your favorite tracks in Pistol Whip on both Quest and Rift when the new update launches this summer.

Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia (Rift)
For those unaware, Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia is an upcoming fantasy adventure VR puzzle game in which you must harness the power of music and nature to save the harpa, an endangered mystical species. The developers at ROTU Entertainment have partnered with real-world wildlife conservation groups to help spread awareness when the game launches later this year.

Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual (Quest + Rift)
This VR take on the classic dynamic duo from HappyGiant puts players in the shoes of someone helping the titular characters escape troubling scenarios all across their animated world. It’s more or less a whimsical escape room experience that’s heavily infused with the franchise’s iconic sense of humor. You can look forward to cracking the case in Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual on Quest and Rift later this year.

Sniper Elite VR (Quest + Rift)
Take aim and steady your shot because Sniper Elite VR, from Coatsink and Rebellion, is blasting its way to Quest and Rift next month on July 8. The latest trailer is a tantalizing sizzle reel from top to bottom. Get ready to put your aim to the test in just a few short weeks.

Song in the Smoke (Quest + Rift)
The upcoming survival adventure game Song in the Smoke from 17-Bit puts player immersion and interactivity at the forefront of the experience. During the showcase, the developers pulled back the curtain in a “Making Of” video on how they’ve approached the world’s design and managed to craft realistic and believable AI for wildlife. You can put your survival skills to the test when it releases on the Quest and Rift Platforms this summer.

Unplugged (Quest + Rift)
For something a bit different from Vertigo Games, we got another look at Unplugged by developer Anotherway, an upcoming guitar-focused rhythm game that puts the power of Quest hand tracking at the center of the experience. If you’ve ever played air guitar in front of a mirror in your bedroom, then you’ve got a pretty good idea of what to expect here. Unplugged will also include Touch controller support when it launches on Quest and Rift this fall.

Waltz of the Wizard (Quest + Rift)
Finally, a big update is coming soon to one of the most magical VR games in this or any realm: the Natural Magic update for Waltz of the Wizard. This all-new expansion arrives on July 8 for both the Quest and Rift Platforms and features some truly magnificent interactions—especially if you try it out with hand tracking on Quest.

There you have it—that’s every single VR game and update coming to the Quest and Rift Platforms shown during The Upload VR Showcase today. With over a dozen reveals for this year and beyond, there’s never been a better time to dive into VR. Don’t forget to watch the full show at the embedded video above.