VR Fitness Digest: September 2022

Oculus Blog
September 19, 2022

It’s nearly fall, and for many of us, that means an exciting summer full of warm days when it’s easy and comfortable to exercise outside is coming to an end. But moving and working up a sweat is as important during autumn as it is any other time of year, especially when we’re likely to be spending more and more time indoors—and don’t forget those calorie-rich feasts that are going to start happening soon.

Fortunately, Meta Quest makes fitness easy and fun, and you can get active any time you want—right there in your own home. So let’s take a look at some of this month’s best new ways you can use your Quest to take the “work” out of “workout.”

New Content for the Fall

Combo Workouts in HOLOFIT

HOLOFIT, from Holodia, is already a fitness favorite because of the many squats, side squats, log cutting, and punching exercises it offers. And now it’s getting even better with Combo Workouts 2.0, an entirely new collection of new ball throwing, fruit slicing, and boxing that will get your heart pumping.

Each of these fresh activities are available in the original HOLOworlds and can be done either together with fitness machine HOLOFIT workouts or entirely on their own. They come in five levels of difficulty, from very easy to very hard. And now you can access a stats screen that will display an in-depth summary of your workouts when you’re done.

Supernatural’s Newest Coach

If you’re a devotee of Within’s hit fitness app Supernatural, you’re already more than familiar with the fun and engaging coaches who regularly exhort you to work your butt off to the beats of some of the greatest music around.

Well, meet Mindy Lai, the newest member of the Supernatural team. With years of training as a boxing and dancing coach, she’ll be with you all the way as you bob and weave (and smile) through some of those intense but joyful workouts that get you a step closer to your fitness goals. “I’m going to be your biggest cheerleader,” she says, “but I’m also going to make sure that you know how to throw a jab correctly and how to keep those hands up.”

“Legitimately a Full-Body Workout”

Influencer Lauren Giraldo is no stranger to exercise, but she wasn’t prepared for how much fun and how much of a body-mover VR fitness could be.

Giraldo, who’s a three-time Streamy Award nominee as the star of the Vine series Camp Unplug, recently tried FitXR and enthused about what she quickly saw as its unexpected fitness value. “It was legitimately a full-body workout,” she says. “I barely even noticed I was working out, but I legitimately was out of breath by the end of it.”

Indeed, she discovered, it’s “a boxing ring that fits in a living room.”

New Accessories for Meta Quest 2

Logitech CHORUS

We’re always looking for new ways to help you have a great experience in VR. And that’s why we’re excited about Logitech CHORUS, an ultra-lightweight, easy-to-mute, fully-integrated audio accessory for Meta Quest 2.

Featuring dual custom built and tuned open-type drivers for off-ear audio, CHORUS is designed to help you get the best sound out of your Quest. And that, of course, means you’ll be able to hear your coaches crystal clear when they’re trying to get you over that hump and finish off the last little bit of your workout.

And unlike traditional headphones or earbuds, CHORUS’ off-ear design keeps sweat off your ears and increases awareness of your physical environment, which can help you move fast and freely to maximize your fitness routine.

Meta Quest Move

When you’re in the middle of a workout, you don’t want to interrupt it for anything, not even to see whether you’ve hit your personal exercise goals. And with Move Overlay, you won’t have to.

With this great Voice Commands feature, you’ll be able to check your Move stats without leaving the game you’re in.

Here’s how it works. If you’ve set up the Voice Commands shortcut, just press the Home button twice. Then try a voice command like “Show Move Overlay,” or “Display Move Overlay,” and you’ll see it right there in your game. You can also say “Hide Move Overlay” or “Disable Move Overlay” to make it go away.

Even better, you can decide where the overlay goes. Just go to your Move Settings in the Move app in your Library.

Keep Your Fitness Journey Going This Fall

These are just a few of the great additions that will help you have a better time than ever in VR fitness. And stay tuned, because we’ll be bringing you even more in the months to come.

Hopefully VR fitness is already part of your routine, or soon will be. If so, we’d love to know about it. So take a post-workout selfie and tag @MetaQuestVR to share your journey with the VR community. We’ll see you next month for our next VR Fitness Digest.