VR for Good: Four New Projects Now Available on Oculus TV

Oculus Blog
September 25, 2020

Virtual reality is a powerful medium, letting us travel to distant places and engage with people and stories we might not otherwise encounter. Today, we’re excited to launch four new experiences from our VR for Good initiative: The Curious Life of Bill Mont, Gr8ness, Lutaw, and Upstander. These impactful 360° films raise awareness of the important work being done by nonprofits around the world, and they’re available for free on Oculus TV for the Oculus Quest Platform.

The Curious Life of Bill Mont
Created By: Katrina Sorrentino and Andrea Patiño Contreras
In Partnership With: Northwoodcare (Canada)

While preparing for a winter formal at Northwood, a senior living center in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Bill Mont, an 89-year-old self-made entrepreneur, reminisces about his life, including his most recent venture—sending people’s ashes to the moon. As he ruminates on love and loss, as well as his entrepreneurial projects and acquisitions, we experience what it’s like to have fun while aging!

Created By: Black Rhino VR
In Partnership With: Sk8 for Gr8 (South Africa)

Gr8ness is a 360° documentary experience about art, creativity, friendship, skateboarding, and hope. The experience takes place in Capetown, South Africa, where Ethan, an at-risk teenager, lives.

Created By: Samantha Quick
In Partnership With: Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation (Philippines)

Step into the world of Geramy—a scrappy, budding inventor who’s trying to find a better way to commute to school. Based in the Philippines, this story highlights the students that swim between small islands in remote areas to get to school. Alongside her rambunctious little brother, Isko, Geramy is determined to find a better way to get to school.

Created By: Van Phan
In Partnership With: The Diana Award (UK)

Upstander is a 360° animated experience about bullying and how we can make a difference if we step in. The experience uses scale, embodiment, and space to push the boundaries of the medium. Revolving around a child’s school day, Upstander touches on the trauma caused by social, verbal, physical, and cyberbullying.

Check out these experiences and more in Oculus TV for the Oculus Quest Platform.