VR Jam Session: KONAMI Launches ‘Beat Arena’ on the Oculus Quest Platform

Oculus Blog
August 26, 2021

Get ready to perform on stage in VR like never before. Whether you want to shred on guitar, groove on bass, tap out tunes on the keyboard, or rock out on drums, BEAT ARENA from KONAMI has you covered. With tons of beloved KONAMI arcade tracks including songs from the BEMANI series, BEAT ARENA has racked up a 4.44-star rating since launching in Japan and Asia in March. And now, it’s broadening its release to all countries where Oculus Quest 2 is sold.

In BEAT ARENA, you can create your own custom avatar, then grab your friends’ play data to enjoy a VR jam session. We sat down with BEAT ARENA Director Yu Sahara to learn more.

How does BEAT ARENA set itself apart from other VR rhythm games on the market?

Yu Sahara: Players can not only enjoy playing in a band as part of a music game, but they can also save their play data including the movement of the player’s avatar. By using play data, players can enjoy a “crossover time session” that lets them play as if they were having a jam session with a friend far away or with their own past play data. It is one of the main features of BEAT ARENA.

What kind of response have you seen since launching BEAT ARENA in Japan?

YS: Since the launch in March, we have received feedback from many users who are enjoying their band performances. I’m very happy that they can enjoy not only uploading their own play data in the game, but also sharing their great and unique play through social media and video posting sites.

What’s your favorite part of BEAT ARENA and why?

YS: My favorite part of BEAT ARENA is that players can freely watch their own playing or other players playing in replay mode. In addition to aiming for a high score as a music game, I also like that players can simply try various play styles for cool and unique performances.

How did you go about selecting the game’s track list?

YS: The play style “band performance” is an important factor for BEAT ARENA, so we select the music based on what players will enjoy playing in addition to the quality of music itself.

Also, we’ve added 10 new music tracks, mainly English music, for global users for today’s global release.

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

YS: Thanks to the global version of BEAT ARENA, we are very honored to have the opportunity for more customers to enjoy BEAT ARENA. BEAT ARENA is a game that even those who don’t usually play music games can easily experience the fun of a “band performance.” Players can also enjoy various ways of playing VR games, such as having a jam session with their own past play data or friends’ data and watching and enjoying it with “replay mode.”

Enjoy sharing your original performance with global players!

BEAT ARENA is available on the Quest Platform.