VRDays Europe Brings Church of VR to Oculus TV

Oculus Blog
November 4, 2020

VRDays Europe brings together some of the best and brightest minds working in immersive technology to bridge the gap between business, science, and art. And this year, they’ve made their Church of VR program free for anyone to experience from home with Oculus TV on the Oculus Quest Platform.

The Church of VR includes 18 inspiring VR projects. Check out the full lineup below.

1st Step
1st Step is at once a VR documentary and fairy tale, telling the magical story of a dream come true: the Apollo missions. For the first time, viewers experience this fascinating adventure in a completely new way in VR as they get the chance to perceive the extreme dimensions of the missions in an unprecedented spatial quality through the eyes of the astronauts. Experience the unbelievable narrowness of the command capsule, but also the surprising topography of the lunar landscape. Told from a narrator’s perspective who can hardly believe herself the miraculous nature of this incredible venture.

4 Feet High
Juana, a 17-year-old wheelchair user, aims to explore her sexuality but is ashamed of her body. Trying to find her place in a new high school, she will go through failure, friendship, fear, and politics until she builds her own pride. This film contains mature content.

Ballavita is a cinematic 360° VR film that will take you on a fantastic voyage through Maria’s dreams and nightmares. Newly developed cinematic techniques were used to create Ballavita, combining live actors performing complex choreographies with beautifully designed worlds. Ballavita is a half-hour long tale inside a fully immersive stereoscopic world.

Bloodless is a 12-minute VR film that deals with camp town sex workers for US Army stationed in South Korea since the 1950s. The film traces the last living moments of a real-life sex worker who was brutally murdered by a US soldier in the Dongducheon camp town in South Korea in 1992. Portraying the last hours of her life in the camp town, the film transposes a historical and political issue into a personal and concrete experience. This film was shot on location where the crime took place, bringing to light ongoing experiences at the 96 camp towns near or around the US military bases.

The Cosmic Laughter of Cucci Binaca — WORLD PREMIERE
Enter the fantastic interior world of a trans drag performer as she confronts inner demons to prepare for her show.

The Dawn of Art Explore the Chauvet Cave 36,000 years ago with Daisy Ridley’s voice as your guide. It’s in the Ardèche gorges in the south of France that our ancestors drew humanity’s first masterpieces, giving life to their beliefs.

This is a story about a small girl doll whose goal it is to be a ballet dancer. The setting of the story is inside of a doll house which is placed in an old attic. Viewers do not just watch over the story but also pass a feather to her interactively.

Hot Coffee in Ethiopia — WORLD PREMIERE
A journey into the shaded birthplace of coffee, Jimma in Ethiopia. Here, the small coffee farmers are struggling under the exploding sun. Even with help from the Jimma agricultural centre, many farmers have replaced their coffee plants with the narcotic, Khat. A farmer has seen five-year-olds chewing Khat, and the town is devastated. He wants to return to the coffee culture now.

I Philip
Philip K. Dick was one of the great sci-fi writers. His persona was as fascinating as his work. Highly pessimistic, he always questioned in his novels the relevance of reality. He passed away in 1982. It’s 2005 and David Hanson, a robot specialist working for the Disney Company, creates a human-looking android. He names it Phil, and it’s a Philip K. Dick look-alike. In just a few weeks, Phil becomes a celebrity on the web and in the Philip K. Dick fan circles. At the end of 2005, the android’s head disappears during a flight between Dallas and Las Vegas. I Philip is the story of this android, in whose head Philip K. Dick’s memory is implanted. It tells the story of what could have been the author’s last love affair, through his recollections. But are those recollections true? Aren’t they a figment of the android’s imagination, who, little by little, has learned to become human?

The Inhabited House
“These walls have seen my life.” A loving ode to the house of the creator’s grandparents, this short documentary offers us a warm look back on the flows of family life over time and generations. Through VR technology, we’re invited into the intimate surroundings of the grandparents’ living and dining rooms.

Keyed Alike
By London riverside railings, covered in love locks, two very different women meet by chance. They argue and tease each other about love; one is desperate to move on (Eve, played by Natacha Karam, Fox’s 911: Lone Star) and the other is stuck in the past unwilling to let go (Coley, played by Gemma Whelan, HBO’s Game of Thrones).

Once back on earth, the Apollo 11 crew has been locked in quarantine in order to avoid any contamination from lunar microbes. The first phase of the quarantine took place inside the ‘air-stream’, a vehicle where they lived for four days during the trip that led them to Houston’s sealed laboratories. While the whole world, with its clamor and expectations pushes outside the air-stream’s window, Collins, Armstrong, and Aldrin find themselves projected in the recent and intrusive lunar memories, which leaves them hanging in a limbo between the earth and the moon.

The Opera of the Falling
The Opera of the Falling is a poetic, musical, and visual research on the loneliness of sorrow. It’s a virtual reality opera, inspired by interviews with people with a psychological vulnerability. With psychiatry as a mirror to the world we live in, the experience calls for reflection and universal recognition.

Sitting in the back of a taxi, driving through the dark, you gradually piece together your story. Abstract and dream-like, you progress into the quiet shock of a new world.

The Principal Dancer — WORLD PREMIERE
The Principal Dancer is an 11-minute long cinematic VR documentary telling the story of Hugo Marchand, the youngest principal dancer at the Paris National Opera. Featuring stunning footage filmed in the most secret parts of the Garnier Opera, this film lifts the veil on the backstage of one of the most iconic operas of the world.

Saving My Oasis — WORLD PREMIERE
Almost all inhabitants in the oasis of M´Hamid in Morocco have accepted being slowly covered with sand by the Sahara desert. With visions of a green past, Halim seeks out the Normads deep in the desert. He is inspired to take up the battle against the gigantic desert by restoring water channels and planting new trees.

When We Stayed Home
When We Stayed Home is a series of four cinematic short VR documentaries that takes viewers on an eerie exploration of iconic cities under lockdown at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. This series immortalizes this anomalous moment in our history. By bringing viewers to the heart of the world’s empty streets of Paris, Venice, Jerusalem, and Tokyo, the series invites viewers to reflect on this moment.

On the Polish-Ukrainian borderland the rhythm of life is slow, but underneath the surface of things the density of it leads beyond understanding. Life and death do not mean the persistence and disappearance of biological processes here—they are impenetrable forces that constitute reality. This is where the Whisperer lives. She heals people using the power of words, gestures, and images.