‘Warplanes: Battles over Pacific’ Brings Intense WWII Dogfights to the Quest Platform Today

Oculus Blog
August 11, 2022

Home Net Games nailed the intensity of VR aerial battles when it released Warplanes: WWI Fighters last year. And now, the studio is back with a World War II-set sequel that offers plenty of content for both new and veteran pilots alike: Warplanes: Battles over Pacific is out today on the Meta Quest Platform for $19.99 USD.

By moving the setting to WWII, Battles over Pacific gives you a new arsenal of planes—along with a new flight model that simulates what it’s like to pilot them—that are faster and pack more firepower than those flown during the Great War. You can hop into the cockpits of 12 of the most iconic aircraft from that era, including the FM-2 Wildcat, F8F Bearcat, and J2M Raiden.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to put your flight skills to the test: There’s the single-player campaign where you’ll fight against the Empire of Japan, cooperative missions where you can play with your friends, and PvP multiplayer modes. By playing online, you’ll also earn experience points to help you increase your rank. And as you level up, you’ll unlock a wide variety of decals that you can use to customize the wings on your planes.

Start your journey as a WWII pilot today in Warplanes: Battles over Pacific for the Quest Platform.