Watch Party: Getting Started Watching Oculus TV Content with Friends in Meta Horizon Home

Oculus Blog
June 28, 2022

Earlier this month, we started rolling out our v41 software update—and with it, people began to experience Meta Horizon Home, your personal gateway to the metaverse where you can hang out with friends and launch your group into supported multiplayer experiences. One of our favorite parts about Meta Horizon Home is that it lets you and your friends watch movies, documentaries, and on-demand concerts on Oculus TV together in VR.

Friends can take turns sharing their favorite pieces of content, discover something new, or check out a concert together. To get started, ensure you’ve updated your headset to the latest software release. Then you’ll need to create a Party—a VOIP call that lets you hang out and chat with friends in VR—and invite some friends to your Meta Horizon Home. Once there, you can watch 2D and 3D rectilinear content together on a giant screen, or enjoy 180° and 360° videos on an immersive dome. From hit movies and killer concerts to the wonders of space, the great outdoors, and beyond, Oculus TV has a wealth of genres and content formats to suit virtually every taste and mood. Just browse Oculus TV for the video you want to watch together, then start your personal watch party.

Unsure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

Grab the popcorn and get ready for movie night! Now you can watch a variety of fan-favorite movies from Lionsgate together with friends in VR, from the comfort of your own home. The lineup of Lionsgate films available on Oculus TV will rotate monthly. Check out titles like Gods of Egypt in 3D and Tarzan, now streaming on Oculus TV.*

Join Alex Honnold, the star of Oscar-winning documentary Free Solo, as he travels to and solo climbs some of the world’s most remote and beautiful mountain peaks in Alex Honnold: The Soloist VR. Discover how communities in Fiji and Colombia are coming together to build resilience and safeguard future generations in ecosphere Presents: United Nations: Futuring Peace. Or join David Attenborough on an epic journey 3.5 billion years into the past to experience the origin of life on Earth in David Attenborough’s First Life.

Maybe an intimate musical performance is more your speed. In Soul Sessions Featuring Lucky Daye, the Grammy Award-winning artist shares a sweet, hypnotic performance interlaced with interview excerpts about what Black American culture means to him.

Or perhaps you’re in the mood for some interstellar exploration? Experience the world’s first-ever spacewalk captured in cinematic VR outside the International Space Station with Spacewalkers. Or meet a new crew of astronauts as they arrive aboard the International Space Station and discover the joy, wonder, and danger of living in space in Adapt.

No matter what content you decide on, watching it with friends in VR is an immersive experience you won’t want to miss. So grab your headset, party up with friends, and make some memories in Meta Horizon Home.

*Lionsgate movies are available for free in Oculus TV in the US. R-rated movies are only available for people 18+ in the US. Check back on the blog at the start of each month for a list of available titles.