Watch ‘Top Gun’ Like Never Before with ‘Bigscreen VR’
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Posted by Oculus VR
December 29, 2017

When it comes to high-octane dogfighting action, you just can’t beat Top Gun. And if you feel the need for speed this holiday season, you can catch this ’80s classic in all its cinematic splendor with your US-based friends for 24 hours, starting at 3:00 pm PT today—thanks to Bigscreen VR!

Bigscreen VR teamed up with Paramount Pictures to screen Top Gun 3D in their first-ever VR movie night. During the 24-hour viewing window, people in the US can meet up with friends in the social theater lobby, check out some animated film posters, and select a showtime. Click here for detailed information.

While today’s event is limited to people in the US, it’s cross-platform, so anyone stateside with a compatible headset and Windows 10 can join the fun.

“For friends and families that live far away from each other, or for people with disabilities, physically visiting a movie theater can be expensive, difficult, or even impossible,” explains Bigscreen VR CEO and Founder Darshan Shankar. “Bigscreen empowers people to teleport into a virtual movie theater and get the social and immersive experience of a real-world movie theater from the comfort of their home.”

Top Gun was a natural first choice for Bigscreen, given its recent 3D remaster and larger-than-life visuals. “The subtle 3D effects greatly enhance the immersion and fidelity of the movie,” Shankar notes. “It feels like the F-14 aircraft are popping out of the screen as they fly by!”

By allowing hundreds of people to join the same event while limiting audio to only those people seated immediately next to you, Bigscreen can host a lively, synchronized experience while ensuring the comfort and safety of all viewers. “This is a great way to disprove the misconception that VR is isolating,” adds Shankar. “Bigscreen’s social VR movie nights will let people experience the presence of being in a virtual world with others. Weekly social VR movie nights are also a great way to bring people back into VR on a regular basis.”

This 24-hour flyby only runs from 3:00 pm PT today to 11:00 pm PT on December 30, so clear your calendar now. Skip the queue, butter up the popcorn, and relive that lovin’ feeling with Bigscreen VR. To learn more about future movie nights, subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s time to buzz the tower.

— The Oculus Team