Welcome Hoame: Toronto Studio Brings Its Meditation Services to VR

Oculus Blog
January 6, 2022

Life can be stressful, but with meditation and the magic of VR, it doesn’t have to be. Hoame is North America’s largest modern meditation studio, offering guided and self-guided meditation as well as a salt cave and infrared sauna to promote restoration, relaxation, and mindfulness. But what if you can’t make the trip to Toronto? Since launching in 2018, Hoame has grown an impressive social media following—and now it’s taking the show on the virtual road and launching a dedicated subscription-based app on the Quest Platform.

Featuring a diverse group of expert instructors, Hoame aims to take the intimidation out of meditation. You can drop into live studio classes daily or take advantage of a growing library of on-demand content—all from the comfort of your own home. Membership also includes stunning environments, breathwork practice, monthly events and workshops, a progress tracker, mood surveys, and more. And with over a dozen meditation styles, there’s a mindfulness practice for virtually everyone.

“We’ve taken everything that we have learned from our physical studio, everything that our community loves and keeps them coming back: beautiful space, sense of community, tons of variety, and expert guidance, and incorporated proven mental health tools: mood survey, progress tracker, social co-presence with other users in-class, and combined it with the totally immersive platform that is VR,” says Hoame Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Benjamin Plater. “It’s not only an escape, but one that will boost your mental and physical health.”

Choose the plan that’s best for you or get started with a seven-day free trial. Check out Hoame on the Quest Platform today.