What’re Ya Buyin’: ‘Resident Evil™ 4’ Releases on Oculus Quest 2 Today

Oculus Blog
October 21, 2021

Over here, stranger! Got somethin’ that might interest ya: Capcom’s acclaimed Resident Evil™ 4 makes its way to VR today, exclusively on the Oculus Quest 2.

Whether it’s your first trip through Resident Evil 4 or your tenth, get ready to experience this survival horror classic from a whole new (first-person) perspective. Step into Leon S. Kennedy’s shoes and embark on a mission to save the president’s daughter from a mysterious cult. Stranded in a rural European village, you’ll have to fend off the hostile locals, Los Ganados, as you slowly uncover a sweeping conspiracy.

Hopefully your aim is steady and your reflexes are sharp. Oculus Studios and Armature Studio partnered to reimagine Capcom’s classic for VR. Weapons and items are now stored on your body as physical objects, and the iconic inventory grid has been reimagined in full 3D, a case full of items you can move around so you can fit every last healing item and handgun round possible. You’ll also need to reload your own weapons, which means frantically fumbling shells into a shotgun while Ganados break through the windows.

Don’t worry if Resident Evil 4 is your first VR experience, though. A bevy of comfort and accessibility options mean you can play your way. Both seated and standing modes are supported, and you can also tweak mobility and other settings to dial in your preferred Resident Evil 4 experience.

For the Resident Evil 4 veterans, it’s everything you love about the original but on cutting edge hardware, giving you the ability to actually step into the game this time. And if you’ve never touched Resident Evil 4 before, now’s a great time to discover the game that revolutionized the survival horror genre—and remains a fan favorite even all these years later.

Resident Evil 4 launches today for $39.99 USD, exclusively for the Quest 2. And please, stranger, come back anytime.

Check out oculus.com/re4 for more information.