Workout Near, Go Far: Stay Fit with ‘Supernatural,’ the Daily Fitness Adventure Out Now on Oculus Quest

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April 23, 2020

Earlier this month, we partnered with developer Within to reveal Supernatural, a virtual fitness experience that combines expert coaching with daily full-body workouts. In the announcement, we spoke with Within Founder & CEO Chris Milk to learn what makes Supernatural such a unique offering for anyone interested in staying fit while staying indoors. Today, we’re excited to announce Supernatural is available now on Oculus Quest*.

Designed as a full-featured fitness service, Supernatural caters to a wide range of users and skill levels through expertly choreographed workout routines and world-class coaching from real trainers. Music is an integral part of any fitness journey and Supernatural is no exception. Subscribers will blast through full cardiovascular workouts while moving to a playlist of officially licensed tunes from popular labels.

Supernatural offers a 30-day free trial** that includes daily fitness routines, dynamic coaching, and post-workout analysis. You’ll also get to see how the Supernatural companion app (iOS and Android) pairs with smartwatches and heart rate monitors to ensure you’re getting the most out of each session. Supernatural also includes a free demo that remains even after the limited-time free trial experience has expired.

Get to know the Coaches of Supernatural

Supernatural was built using the guidance of experts in the fields of physical fitness, biokinesiology, and healthy human movement. Workouts begin with a Coach who takes you through a warm up, guided form, and breathing techniques. They also provide encouragement, guide your form and provide breathing technique as you advance through choreographed movements to the world’s most popular music.

Background: Health Coach + Founding Program Director of STRIDE Treadmill Studios
Hometown: New Castle, Delaware
Favorite Song in a Supernatural Workout: “Good as Hell” by Lizzo

What’s an unexpected benefit of working out in VR?
For many people, working out can bring up feelings of self-consciousness or self-criticism. But that doesn't happen with Supernatural. As someone who struggled with eating disorders and body dysmorphia and has worked with a fair amount of people who are transitioning out of treatment centers, I know being surrounded by mirrors can be a huge trigger or barrier for people. In Supernatural, you’re not looking at yourself, you're not faced with comparing yourself to another body around you. Instead, you are immersed in a beautiful environment and just focused on yourself and your workout.

What makes Supernatural so immersive?
The fact that you can’t split your attention with your devices and notifications while you're doing this workout is such a gift. Humans are not good at multitasking, even though we so desperately want to be. When people text or scroll during their workout, sacrificing quality, they're adding anxiety and stress, and they're giving up their "me" time. In Supernatural, you can't multitask, and I think that’s so valuable.

What’s your coaching personality?
I’m someone who wants to be as real as possible while coaching. I know that I’m not perfect: I like to curse, my car is always dirty, I don’t really like cooking and I basically wish I could eat buckets of icing for every meal. But I’ve grown a lot since being a wild child who hated sports as a kid, and I want to help others transcend their expectations of themselves.

Background: Owner of Inspired Method; ACE Group Fitness Instructor; NASM-CES
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Favorite Song in a Supernatural Workout: “Mind (ft Kai)” by Diplo & Skrillex

Who should try your Supernatural workouts?
Anyone who is interested in growth should do my workouts. I don’t care if you're a beginner or if you've been an expert for the last decade. If you're interested in learning something, getting pushed and working hard... If you have a competitive spirit and you're interested in growth, I'm the guy for you.

What’s the best part of working out in VR?
It almost feels like you're an action hero: the special effects, the quality of the destinations and the songs, and that you're beating down these different obstacles and paces and rhythms. You are limitless and in an elevated state of mind. It's so different. It's almost like you're levitating above water or a volcano. In fact, the Erta Ale volcano is one of the best destinations. It’s absolutely outstanding. I’m also a huge fan of working out in Machu Picchu. All of the locations are gorgeous and fun, but those are my two favorites.

What do you tell people before they try Supernatural?
They should know that their heart rate is gonna get up a higher than they expect and they’re definitely going to get their sweat on. And they should remember to breathe, because it’s easy to get so caught up in this incredible, interactive workout experience.

Background: Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis; Professor; Fitness Coach; NCAA Football Player
Hometown: Pasadena, California
Favorite Song in a Supernatural Workout: “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” by Jet

What’s your coaching M.O.?
My focus as a coach is to one, keep you safe, but two, to push you past what you think you can do. We all have our own self-imposed limits and that's why you always need someone by your side saying, “Nah, you can take another step. You can do another squat. You got more in you than you think.” One of my signature lines is: “Do it right, we do it light. Do it wrong, we’ll be here all night long.”

Do you have a favorite Supernatural workout?
I will stroke my ego a bit: My workout called “Tough” has probably been my favorite so far. There's just a good mix of really fast, complex movements, but then some slower ones. I like the way it gives an overall body workout. But I’m not for everybody: I’m for somebody who wants to have a little fun, be pushed and hear a little joke here or there.

How is a VR exercise different from a typical workout?
It feels fun. It doesn’t have that feeling of dragging yourself to the gym. You're moving and trying to beat your score and you feel like you're in a video game. But then when you get finished, you take the headset off and you realize you're dripping with sweat, your heart is pounding, your legs are burning. You realize how much you’ve just helped your body.

Meet the Choreographers

The Supernatural workout isn’t rigid, but more of a dance flow. Meet some of the choreographers who design the rhythmic routines that will have you waving your arms and squatting your legs to the tune of popular music.

Background: National Lindy Hop Competitor, Renowned Rhythm Game Mapper
Hometown: Yemassee, South Carolina
Favorite Song in a Supernatural Workout: “Silvertongue” by Young The Giant

What makes choreographing VR movements a natural fit for you?
My entire life has led up until this point. I’m a musician, dancer and gamer. I grew up playing piano, and picked up drums and guitar in college. Later, I started competing in swing dancing and choreographing routines. I got into virtual reality with BeatSaber and put out some custom maps and became the resident dancer in the VR community.

Do you have a signature move in Supernatural?
I tend to do a power pose when the beat drops. It looks like the start of a jumping jack, with your arms up and your hands all the way out. When the music keeps building, building, building to an explosion at the end of the chorus, and choreography matches that, it's just magic.

How do you describe dancing in VR to someone who’s never done it?
It feels like you essentially locked yourself in your room, threw on your favorite music and are just jamming with no inhibitions. One of the hardest things and scariest things when you’re a dancer is putting yourself out there, but when you put the headset on and basically transport to another place you lose this sense of fear and judgment. It’s dancing when nobody’s watching and just letting loose and not caring what anyone thinks.

Background: BPA in Dance Performance; Dance Instructor
Hometown: Emerald Isle, North Carolina
Favorite Song in a Supernatural Workout: “New Rules” by Dua Lipa

What dance background do you incorporate into your Supernatural movements?
I've been doing ballet since I was three, got into contemporary and later on I moved to jazz technique and then urban choreography and hip-hop. When I choreograph for Supernatural, I’ll typically listen to a song and see what my body naturally does, like am I shifting side to side on the chorus or am I whipping my hair or arms? I’ll convert that movement into the workout editor.

How is moving in VR different from dancing in a class?
It’s like a time compression. You could be in there for a 30-minute workout, but it doesn’t feel like it. And when you're in virtual reality, you're moving nonstop the entire time right from the beginning to the end. Unlike the static time you get learning choreography in a typical dance class, the only break you get in Supernatural is between songs when your coach says, “Hey, we're here now taking in this beautiful environment, and now you're going to get right back to work.”

Do you have a favorite location in Supernatural?
Endorin! It's purple and it looks like outer space and there are a couple of moons in the sky. It’s hands down my favorite and the reason is because my aesthetic is early ‘90s anime. That background is so me, the purples and the pinks and the nebula in the back.

Start your Supernatural Membership today with a 30-day free trial* to find the coach that’s right for you!

*Only available in the United States and Canada.
**Supernatural is a subscription service that offers new workouts published daily. $0 for first 30 days, $19/month thereafter. Membership automatically begins and renews monthly after free trial ends. Cancel at any time. Offer ends 5/22/2020. New members only. Subscription will automatically renew after free trial ends until you cancel. Terms apply. Go to for more details.