Workout of the Week #4: Mindfulness

Oculus Blog
February 1, 2021

Lots of people focus on health and exercise at the beginning of the year, but health encompasses more than just physical workouts. Today, we’re sharing apps designed for mindfulness to help you relax, focus, and discover holistic wellness.

Looking for more ways to meet your Move Minute goals? Check out our guides for your preferred fitness theme: Workout of the Week #1: Full-Body Focus, Workout of the Week #2: Arms Focus, Workout of the Week #3: Legs Focus, and Bonus Workout of the Week: Sports Focus.

Refresh your mind and body in natural settings and experience a modern reimagining of an ancient practice in Guided Tai Chi on the Quest Platform. There are a plethora of beautiful environments and time options for sessions that fit your mood.

Based on scientific research, TRIPP on the Quest and Rift Platforms as well as Oculus Go guides you through mindfulness exercises to help you build mental resilience. To better quantify your mindfulness journey, you can input how you’re feeling before and after a session. Unlike other mobile mediation apps, TRIPP’s surrealist designs and animations let you singularly focus on mindfulness.

While Supernatural on the Quest Platform is known for its full-body cardio workouts, it also offers mediation workouts, released every Sunday, to help you breathe deeply and find your center, surrounded by stunning landscapes. You can find the mediation workouts marked with the ∞ symbol, and currently guided by the incredible Coach Doc. Supernatural offers a free one-month trial if you want to try it out. Visit to learn more.

Have a favorite workout in VR? Let us know in the comments below. You can also take a selfie after your workout and tag @Oculus and #MoveForReal to share your fitness journey with the Oculus community. And stay tuned for our final Bonus Workout of the Week!