You Meet in a Basement: New ‘Demeo’ Social Space Heroes’ Hangout is Out Now on Quest and Rift

Oculus Blog
February 28, 2022

Forget the tavern—all the best adventures start in a basement. Picture it: It’s a rainy day, your friends come round, and you huddle around the table to continue your Demeo campaign. Welcome to Heroes’ Hangout!

With the Heroes’ Hangout update, Resolution Games brings your virtual tabletop nights to life. Like the Ozo Lounge in Resolution Games’s tense dueling game Blaston, Heroes’ Hangout is a shared social experience designed for those moments before, during, and after the action when you just want to kick back and relax with friends—or meet new ones!

Explore your new basement refuge, customize your avatar, and peruse the Tome of Tips for some expert-level Demeo strategies. A glowing arcade cabinet in the back room features Demeo: The Hauntlet, a retro-inspired game-within-a-game designed by Tom Hall, DOOM co-creator and Senior Creative Director at Resolution Games. There’s even an archery range, if you’re up for some friendly competition.

And of course, you can jump directly from Heroes’ Hangout into any of the proper Demeo adventures. Simply form a party, step up to the table, and you’ll be whisked away for a night of dice rolling with your friends.

“Virtual reality has the power to connect people in a way that no other technology can,” said Tommy Palm, CEO and founder, Resolution Games. “With Heroes’ Hangout, as well as the Ozo Lounge in Blaston, we’re creating a series of ‘tinyverses’ that represent our vision for the next generation of immersive social environments.”

Heroes’ Hangout is out now as a free update to Demeo, which you can pick up on either the Quest or Rift Platforms for $29.99 USD—and remember, it’s bring-your-own-pizza.