Zero-Gsports: ‘Echo Arena’ Open Beta Weekend Starts Now!

Oculus Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
June 23, 2017

Get ready for full-contact esports with full locomotion! Echo Arena’s first open beta weekend starts now and runs through 8:00 pm PT on June 25.

Use your hands to push, pull, and glide your way through a breathtaking zero-g arena, all while battling for robotic dominance.

Learn the Ropes
Before you dive in, be sure to play through the tutorial and practice the basics like movement, grabbing, braking, and disc-throwing.

We want everyone to have the best experience possible—the tutorial is a great way to learn the controls and level-up your game before joining a match.

Tips and Tricks
Some of our favorite gameplay moments come from experimentation and testing the mechanics—but a little strategy goes a long way. Here are a few pointers to get you started:

Practice, practice, practice. Rather than flying head-on into a match, take a second to gather your bearings and practice some moves in the lobby. Rehearse the basics, hang out with other players, and try some more challenging moves like tracking the disc, throwing while moving, and quickly changing directions.

Your best defense is full-contact offense. There’s nothing like a swift punch to temporarily take an opponent out of commission. Hold down both triggers and protect your facemask to block an incoming punch and stun your attacker!

Catapult yourself to victory! Sometimes the fastest way around the arena is to hitch a ride on another player—you can even launch yourself off of an opponent you just stunned with a punch to the face.

Stay Social

Connect with the Lone Echo community to talk strategy, relive epic battles, and give us your feedback. Join the Echo Arena Discord server and chime in on the Oculus subreddit. You can also check out the official Lone Echo and Echo Arena forums for the latest community news.

If you’re set up for streaming, share your favorite clips with us and the Ready At Dawn team on your social platform of choice.

Lots of folks from Ready At Dawn and Oculus are playing all weekend, so keep an eye out for numbered Oculus-Social and ReadyAtDawn handles to game with us!

See you in the Arena.

— The Oculus Team