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Since you’re an owner and active user of Gear VR, we wanted to inform you of some upcoming changes for the product.

As our focus is on delivering great experiences that take advantage of the latest VR technology, we won’t be releasing any new features for Gear VR in the future, and we won’t be adding new Gear VR apps to the Oculus Store after September 15, 2020. That said, you’ll still be able to use your Gear VR, use the apps in your Library, and download Gear VR apps from the Oculus Store as usual.

While the majority of apps you use on Gear VR will still be available, you’ll see changes to a few specific Oculus-owned apps:

  1. Oculus 360 Photos will no longer be available to download on Gear VR as of 5/30/2020. Oculus Video will also no longer be available to download starting later this year. If you already have these apps in your Library, you’ll still be able to use them.

  2. The Films section in Oculus Video, including movie purchases and rentals, will no longer be available as of 4/30/2020. We’ll send you an Oculus Store credit equivalent to the cost you paid for any titles you bought.

  3. Oculus Browser will no longer receive updates. You can continue to use Browser, but certain social and recommendations features will no longer be available and some websites may no longer be compatible. There may also be increased security risk as with using any out-of-date web browser.

Thank you for being a VR pioneer and loyal user of Gear VR, one of the earliest consumer VR products. If you have any further questions about the changes, you can find more information at the Oculus Support Center or you can contact Oculus Support. And if you’re interested in learning about our newest Oculus products, check out our website.


The Oculus Team

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