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6:30pm PDT


8:33pm PDT

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Cercle invites Be Svendsen at Mount Nemrut, Türkiye

This one is going to be magical!

We'll be live from another heritage site listed by UNESCO: Mount Nemrut, one of the highest peaks of the eastern Taurus Mountains, Türkiye. We will receive @besvendsen for an exclusive performance, broadcasted live from the east terrace among the remains of the imperial cult of Commagene.

This fascinating landscape was once a monumental tumulus built for King Antiochus 1st, with colossal statues representing various divinities and the King himself. These massive sculptures were built in the 1st century B.C., reached 10 meters and weighed 6 tons. A unique landscape, enhanced each day by incredible sunsets and sunrises.

Recent researches revealed that Mount Nemrut’s cavities might contain the King’s tomb, still undiscovered...

The livestream will be available on our Facebook, Twitch and Oculus!

This content is presented via Facebook Live stream in 2D format.