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Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse | Game 23

Athletes Unlimited is proud to launch its third league in Lacrosse coming to the Metro DC Area at Maureen Hendricks Field beginning July 23, 2021. The all-star roster will feature 56 players, including U.S. National Team members Kayla Treanor, Michelle Tumolo, Caylee Waters, Emily Garrity and Amanda Johansen. The founding members will recruit fellow pros, create league rules, and retain equity in the league.

Like softball and volleyball, the season is shortened to five weeks of intense game play in one city from July 23 to August 22.

Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse will play a short form, fast paced format consisting of eight-minute quarters, 9v9 gameplay and a 60-second shot clock all housed on an 80yd x 50yd playing field. Play will begin with draws at the beginning of each quarter as well as after every goal.

The top four players become captains each week and draft their teams from scratch for following week’s games. In our scoring system, every player can lose or win points during every game. Athletes score points as individuals and as a team to win MVP titles and cash bonuses.

This content is presented via Facebook Live stream in 2D format.