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Pave the Road

Pave the Road is Canadian Kelly Mason’s award-winning poetic memoir. The film is self-shot over a decade, documenting her and her childrens’ compassionate separation from their father to pave a new road, not only for the well-being of the broken family but for the planet itself.

The film gives a voice to the children, communities and neglected citizens of Costa Rica that have suffered from deadly road dust due to government and private company corruption.
Despite threats, Kelly interviews government officials, medical experts, and community members. The filmmaker’s investment in research leads to the groundbreaking discovery that waste materials can replace fossil fuels for asphalt and road construction. It provides a solution for paving the roads affecting the lives and health of the community.
Kelly and her children strive for the wellbeing of their community in Costa Rica, eventually succeeding in helping make environmental law.

Director: Kelly Mason
Production Company: Kula Paradise
Key Characters: Kelly Mason

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