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Shut Up Sona

Shut Up Sona is a film about today’s India at odds with the modern Indian woman. It is an intimate journey with Sona Mohapatra – famous singer, performer, and troublemaker by choice! Being on the receiving end of blasphemy lawsuits, internet trolling, and death threats are all in a day’s work for Indian singer and leading #MeToo activist. Over three years, filmmaker Deepti Gupta follows Sona as she battles with music execs and India’s patriarchal traditions in her fight for equal space in the music industry and beyond.
Laced with sarcasm, wit, and a bite of craziness, Shut Up Sona is a musical about art, gender, and our right to exist with a voice.

Director: Deepti Gupta
Production Company: OMGROWN Music
Key Characters: Sona Mohapatra

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