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When We Were Apollo

When We Were Apollo is an intimate and personal look at the Apollo Space Program through the lives and experiences of some of its most inspiring behind-the-scenes figures: engineers, technicians, builders and contractors who spent the better part of a decade working to get us to the moon and back.

Half a century later, the Apollo Space Program remains the single greatest initiative in peacetime the world has ever known. Behind every astronaut who set foot on the moon and every figurehead who inspired us to get there was Apollo’s massive workforce: a team of men and women over 400,000 strong––spanning race, socio-economics, culture, company and country––who came to understand that the overall Program was only as good as the effort they put into it.

With incredible access and interviews with members of the original Apollo effort, we explore the single greatest united collaboration and the real people behind the most inspirational success story in human history.

Director: Zachary Weil
Production Company: Contact Light Films

This content is presented via Facebook Live stream in rectilinear format.