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In Inuit mythology, Sedna, a young woman of extraordinary beauty was forced to marry a shaman by her father. The shaman, turning out to be evil, took her far from her home to a remote island. Unhappy and constantly crying, she eventually managed to persuade her father to come and secretly rescue her. But when they fled by boat, the shaman realised and unleashed a terrible storm upon the icy waters. The father, panicked, threw his daughter overboard and she disappeared into the depths of the oceans forever. And so begins the legend of Sedna, the Goddess of Greenlandic waters.

We follow a crew of French and Swiss skiers as they sail the boat ‘La Louise’, in search of never-before-skied regions in extreme temperatures. But gradually, as the days pass, and they learn more about the Inuit culture and speak with inhabitants and experts of the region, they realise the legend of Sedna is probably more real than it seems…

Director: Laurent Jamet
Production Company: Eye of the Storm Productions
Key Characters: Sedna

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