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India's Forgotten People

From respected forgers of armour and weaponry for Hindu kings in the 16th century to nomadic blacksmiths who barely survive, the history of India’s proud but forgotten Gadia Lohar community is told for the first time in Deana Uppal’s documentary India’s Forgotten People. The film provides a voice for a community that went from being highly respected to one of the country’s most poverty-stricken.
Actress, former Miss India UK and filmmaker Deana Uppal witnessed the lifestyle of the nomadic communities whilst living in India and explores the Gadia Lohars, who rarely mix with others outside of their community. She immerses herself, listening and observing how they live; speaking to other Indians about their perceptions of these nomads, and interviewing government officials. This investigative film looks at the divide between rich and poor in India, and tells the true story of the Gadia Lohars for the first time.

Director: Deana Uppal
Production Company: DKU Productions
Key Characters: Deana Uppal

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