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The People's Games

Wrestling covered in olive oil or bungee jumping off a 100-foot wooden tower with only a vine to break your fall. Seems crazy? These are some sports played around the world that will never be seen at the Olympic Games. From Japan, to Ireland, and the remote archipelago of Vanuatu, we meet cowboys, martial artists, athletes and rowers. “The People’s Games” is a cinematic gripping journey exploring traditional and unusual sports that have been passed down through generations in the most remote places on Earth.

The first episode of “The People’s Games” takes us through a journey around the globe in search of the most exotic and traditional sports ever created. Our adventure starts in the remote archipelago of Vanuatu, where locals have been practicing Nagol (the original Bungee Jump) since time began. In Japan we will witness Yamakasa, a 5 kilometers race around the streets of Fukuoka where hundreds of men have to carry a 1-tonne shrine as fast as possible. The Netherlands are the birthplace of Fierljeppen, an amazing display of athleticism where competitors combine running, pole climbing and long jumping over canals. Our final destination is India, where we will discover the very first martial art conceived by mankind: Kalari. It is said that this type of combat inspired what would later become Kung-Fu.

The second episode of “The People’s Games” starts in Turkey, where local wrestlers cover themselves in olive oil to define who is the best fighter in Kirkpinar, also known as Oil Wrestling. From Turkey we travel to Ireland in search of the ultimate bloodsport: hurling. This sport is a mix of field hockey and athletic warfare, deeply established in Gaelic culture for centuries and practiced by men, women and children. Once in Brazil, we will discover Pega de Boi: a competition where a number of cowboys chase cattle through thorns, stunted trees and spiky scrubs. Mounting their horses and wearing a thick leather jacket, these brave cowboys ride deep into the woods in order to capture oxen as quickly as possible. Our last adventure takes places in India, where the biggest team sport in the world is practiced. Each vessel in this amazing boat race is composed by over 150 people: 4 helmsman, 25 singers and 125 rowers.

Director: Estevao Ciavatta
Production Company: Pindorama Filmes

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