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Is Anybody out There?

Debates have surrounded alien life for years. From crop circles to Area 51, Earth has always been fascinated by the possibilities beyond our galaxy. This best-seller explores recent discoveries by the Kepler satellite, which have intrigued the world, as they revealed that thousands of planets like ours exist where life could be possible – with the right balance of sunlight and water resources. Several messages have been sent into space, but this best-selling movie asks, when will we get an answer?

In August 1977, the Big Ear Radio-telescope in Ohio received a strange signal from the Sagittarius constellation while searching for intelligent extra-terrestrial life. Named the WAW signal, it is still being considered as one of the best examples of having being sent by intelligent extraterrestrial life. But, nothing has revolutionised the search for intelligent life as much as the recent discovery by the Kepler Satellite, of thousands of Earth-like planets where life could be possible.

Production Company: Intuitive Productions/ Somadrome
Director: Ruth Chao, Alphonse de la Puente

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