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The Ball

Explore mankind’s most simple and perfect game while travelling 5 countries, and discover that the ball has been kicked all around the globe for thousands of years. Countries visited include:
BRAZIL: Long before the invention of football, the Paresi tribe celebrated the encounter between the physical and spiritual body in ‘Jikunahaty’. They play using their heads and the closer they get to the ground, the more contact they have with their roots.
THAILAND: A type of footvolley mixed with martial arts, Sepak Takraw cultivates the perfect way of lifting body and soul. Sepak Takraw combines vigor, ability and discipline.
IRELAND: Gaelic Football was born from a pig’s bladder. The first recorded game of Gaelic Football took place in 1715 in Louth, where two communities played across the valley.

Production Company: Pindorama Filmes
Director: Estevao Ciavatta

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