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Amazonia Undercover

For 14,000 years, Indigenous populations in the Amazon have coexisted with the rainforest. Since 1970, 20% of the Brazilian Amazon has been deforested. Logging and forest fires are threatening a further 20%. Scientists say that at 40% deforestation, we will reach the point of no return. Due to the failure of the Brazilian government to protect the Amazon, an unexpected union is forming in the depths of the forest. Indigenous and local communities are rewriting history as they unite for the first time as allies against a common enemy – the ruthless, often criminal forces and the system which drive the destruction.

Cacique Juarez Saw Munduruku leads the unprecedented band of indigenous and riverside people who take the responsibility into their own hands, leading a fight against land grabbers and illegal deforestation in a bid to save the rainforest.

Production company: Pindorama Filmes
Director: Estevao Ciavatta
Key Characters: Cacique Juarez Saw Munduruku

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