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Craig Castaldo overcame alcoholism and homelessness, but it is his life as ‘Radioman’ that has inspired millions. Of the followers he has entertained with his bold approach to demanding film roles, Tom Hanks, George Clooney, and Helen Mirren are but a few of his friends, admirers and co-stars. Featured in this documentary, these A-listers uncover the endearing truth behind the homeless man with a passion for cinema, and a talent for spotting film sets! Named for the large radio that hangs around his neck, the charmingly bad-mouthed cameo-actor has now featured in around 100 Hollywood films.

This feature documentary explores the career of this unique character. Follow Radioman from homelessness to hero as he travels around New York following the film sets, entertaining the actors, cheekily advising the directors and enjoying the spotlight – as captured in The Departed, Dark Knight Rises, Shutter Island and TV series 30 Rock – along with many more…

Director: Mary Kerr
Production Company: Ten Cent Adventures
Key Characters: Craig Castaldo

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